Cybergoth Lillyane

Cybergoth Lillyane

Lillyane ThinkingIn RL cybergoth refers to a subculture that developed in music (but also literary and clothing) in the nineties, influenced from cyberpunk movement to Japanese manga, with ideas taken from the array of electronic goth music then influenced (always in music) by hard dance. Good, or better bad: I’m not a music critic and I can barely to follow the path of what I just described, so I go to the point. The graphic dreamer of the week is Lillyane Inshan aka Kerstin Jacobsen and if you look at her gallery her gallery (NB: after 4 years Lillyane’s gallery on Koinup is set as private, but her gallery on Flickr is still open to all, LmS) in a few seconds you will understand why I spoke of cybergoth.

Lillyane PortraitSee for example the series of images Utopia like this or portraits of uncunny couple Biomech and Lady Biomech, or shots dedicated to Lost World (like this) or even She Cyber and the cyber side is evident. Goth side is no less important in works such as Ladies in RedLoose Control or even Born out of fire and Uh?. Dark atmosphere, saturated colors, Gothic and Cyber issues, if you like the kind the gallery of Lillyane will not disappoint.

But Lillyane is a versatile artist and then occasionally change colors and themes and produces images absolutely “clear” and almost bare as those devoted to her “home” in Second Life or search for references in the film as a sequence of pictures dedicated to the exploration of Pandora Magic obviously representing Lillyane Inshanherself as a Na’vi or some images dedicated to people that seem Elves coming out from the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien or the Japanese girl Mei-Ling.

In short, Lillyane can surprise in many ways, but in the end its footprint fund remains cyergoth and then let’s enjoy a Lost in passion well different from that to which many might be accustomed to think given the title and beautiful female figures, as in Thinking or in Lady of the darkness but also men often uncunny as in Evil but sometimes simply with a dark charm as Justyn.

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