Elle Thork, from flowers to factories

Elle Thork, from flowers to factories

I noticed recently that many of you after being featured on this column undertake further and publish even more beautiful images than those that impressed me at first.

RedzebrassEven for this reason I want to point out some new names which I think bodes well and before to introduce you the graphic dreamer of the week I suggest you go to visit the gallery of Redzebrass, aka Vanessa Radestock, an English girl who use IMVU as support for her works while also attending other virtual worlds such as Perfect World, Last Chaos, Twelve Sky, Minesweeper or Entropia.

The heroines of  Vanessa/Redzebrass from time to time to came out of a fantasy story, like Elven Warrior, or of some gothic novel as with Dream or Vampire, but there are even fashion pictures as Spandex Mania or some recent models really well done. The only advice I would give Vanessa would be better to work on a larger size in order to gain better performance on video or even when printed.

Elle ThorkAnd now, drum roll: graphic dreamer of the week is Elle Thork, not exactly an unknown having good placements in some recent contests (like the Purple color contest, where she ranked third: http://www.koinup.com/Baroque/work/263041).

Elle uses Second Life as an editor for her images, varying much in her themes from landscapes to floral images, to cross-world (her SL-RL experiments are very interesting as in White Heron in Mash, or the Tulips set). By the way, do not expect a “simple” representation of the subject portrayed, because she love to reinterpret them.

So it happens in the case of Utopia01, dedicated to one of the many wonders scattered by Bryn Oh in the metaverse of Linden Lab, or of  Beguile 1, where the artist finds a way to make even greater atmosphere of the place. Elle ThorkEven lands over-photographed as Insilico  or Apollo Gardens are reinterpreted as Insilico 1 and in Apollo gardens finding new and original eye shots and colors.

In general Elle Thork must like a lot nature because she devotes much of her works, like CapEstel Spring 4 or Butterfly Migration, but there are definitely more “grunge” imagese as in the series devoted to Prefabrica or to Innsmouh. Overall I think Elle is constantly looking for new ideas and new challenges, which makes me suppose that I see new good images even in her case, in the weeks and months following this featuring.

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