RocapC long journey

RocapC long journey

Once again I found myself in trouble, too many good artists and too many interesting works to condense into a few lines. So for the second time in addition to presenting the graphic dreamer of the week I want to point out even an artist who has so far posted a few pictures on but is very promising: Haunted Mirror. Why do I like her? First, because her images are made using IMVU editor, which is a little different than Second Life or The Sims 2 which I’m used to, then because even if there are still very few images they are really whortwhile, just take a look at “Ruled by Secrecy”, and you’ll see, so really I suggest you put her between your contacts and keep an eye on her gallery, as I will do myself.

RocapCBut let’s talk about the artist of the week: after so many girls I feel a duty to report a boy, in this case RocapC, aka Miguel Rotunno, in Second Life owner of Miramar Studio & Modeling Agency. Saying that Rocapc has a big production is an understatement, given that by this step he will soon reach 2,000 images on Koinup, and inevitably with a production so abundant there are many techniques and themes, but what always struck me is Rocapc’s pleasure for the trip, for the discovery, which is evident from his works.

RocapCYes, because RocapC / Miguel as well as glamorous and sexy images, as one might expect from an agency owner and fashion photography, is also the author of many landscapes. Landscapes that can be almost fairy tale like those of “Unintended Water”, of “Rezzable Welcome” or of “Vintage Village” or that seem to be taken from real life as in the case of “Mar Nuestro“, from high-tech skyline such as “Ciudad de Mexico” to pastoral landscapes like “Insperion Garden”.

Another interesting detail is that while many artists are used to run various virtual worlds to create their images, Rocapc prefers to focus almost exclusively on Second Life but using a multitude of different viewer than those officers, in order to get richer graphics, as you notice in the “Eden” where the artist has used Meta7, a viewer based on Emerald.

RocapCMoreover RocapC (which still has built over numerous portraits to landscapes to full length or half-body very sexy) has a strong taste for detail and therefore unable to capture any land even the most hidden or otherwise characteristic, like “NC Webiee”, if besides appreciating the virtual art gallery for browsing RocapC / Miguel you will want to visit the virtual world of Linden Lab, try to contact him: surely he’s one of the best guides of the all metaverse.

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