Rocker Faerie, a fairy of light

Rocker Faerie, a fairy of light

Rocker FaerieThere are artists who are striking for a particular applicant in their works. In the case of Rocker Faerie, aka the American musician Colemarie Soleil, as well as graphic and versatility that led the artist to create color or black and white images and machiminas using various virtual worlds as an editor, I was always curious about the use of high lights, as the flash almost blinded the viewer who can so lonely at times to focus the image. The final effect is undoubtedly special, both in the video (for some of the best in Second Life: ColeMarie Soleil Machinima Film) and in the still images and inevitably catches the eye on the landscapes or portraits.

Rocker FaerieShe, who often combines her photographs with suggestive lyrics and music in a very exciting mix, always tends to scorn, on several occasions argued that the image is just one click fast, as in the case of “Yotan Korobase”, or is it a pic created just to thank a friend, as with “Destiny Laval”, but if you look at these and her other numerous works you’ll be fascinated by the powerful graphic line.

Moreover Colemarie is well aware of what art is in virtual worlds, or rather the debate about what can be considered art, as in her blog recently talking about the support offered by Linden Lab at the arts she writes: “I think personally, works like artists of Selavy Oh, Bryn Oh, Dizzy Banjo and Glyph Graves are the PERFECT examples of art that SHOULD be placed into consideration for these kinds of things. These artists create art FOR the medium not WITHIN the medium only. Rocker FaerieThese artists understand the nature of virtual worlds and are constantly pushing, creating, and experimenting with the possibilities of SL. That is not to say that it is only these artists. I am just putting some examples of some already established artists doing work that is ground breaking and inspiring. Works that LIVE within SL and do things not always easy to pull off so easily (or at all) in real world art”.

Another feature of Colemarie / Rocker Faerie is used often throughout the color range, but often selected almost single color within each image: warm colors like red or yellow, or cool tones like green and blue, invariably associated with an abundant use of white, a color that is the sum of all colors but is often difficult but Rocker Faerie is not afraid to use widely, as seen in “The pot will call the kettle black” or “Makes the medicine go down”.

Rocker FaerieBut as mentioned Rocker Faerie is not afraid of challenges and so there are color images almost disco like “Cyber Gods” or “Royally Lit” and other black and white, is portrayed as “Kailiana Anatra”, and landscapes as in “Mirage” or more purely graphic images as “Stain Girl” or the same “Rocker Faerie” that is as far to think for a portrait. Since with more than 800 pictures and machiminas in her gallery it seemed impossible to contain Rocker Faerie within a definition (it would be like trying to reduce Bryn Oh at the role of a “simple” builder) I think for me Faerie Rocker now will be a small fairy of light, which look forward to see whether new masterpieces bright like “Night and Day”, dark as “Mon sourire” or indescribable as “Je vous vois seulement” that literally leave me breathless.

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