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    Michelangelo in SL

    works in progressTaking advantage of the presence of Mexi Lane (aka Marina Bellini) last evening at Imparafacile Island where I was guest of Imparafacile Runo (aka Giovanni Dalla Bona) to talk about requirements, advantages, difficulties and trends that are emerging in field of communication regarding the use of virtual worlds as a web2.0 platform for building and growing rapidly (the speed is always a critical factor for success in any business online) a network of social relations through which to flow news, the night of May 10, 2010, I went to visit the exhibition, that you can visit too for a few days yet at the land of Experience Italy, dedicated to “Michelangelo architetto a Roma”.

    As always an exciting and highly immersive setting, the result of a vision, a dream (literally) of Mexi, masterfully created by the staff of Experience and in particular by  Mila Tatham (aka Salima Venditti), Micalita Writer (aka Micaela Cini), Rodriguez Imako (aka Andrea Roberto Dosi) and Patrizia Blessed (aka Patrizia Nofi), all already guests in early May at the island of Imparafacile. The responsibilities Mexi has brought together in SL (but to some extent also in RL) have shown once again that it can cost significantly less than in reality, create experiences, exhibitions and events with strong cultural and emotional impact that can attract interest from a large community of users not only from Italy. In a time when budget cuts are becoming increasingly felt in Italy as elsewhere in the private sector as in government, I hope that Experience Italy will be an experience that can continue, maybe after a technical update and a fitting of its mission, that during the past year and a half was certainly evolving.

    ANB Web Social Radio Another experience that continues and that somehow “increase” the real experience is that of itinerant Jam Session “Virtual Media Fusion”, organized by ANB Web Social Radio which we have already spoken and that Tuesday, May 11, 2010 stops at Ripa90 (in RL at Milan, via Ripamonti 90, from 22.00) and simultaneously inMilano Vera in Second Life ( This time the musical performance will be enjoyable in streaming from the site  and will see among the guests Kekko of the ModàDaniele StefaniMarco Venturini, the Studio3 Paps of Paps&Skar and many other musicians. As in previous occasions there will be expected improvisations, duets and surprise live musical improvisation, as in any jam session respectable. Once again, Second Life and virtual worlds are proving to be channels capable of delivering effective communication and expression of art, who knows what will be necessary before the “general public” will understand it, at least in Italy? If you ask me and you could not be present at the evening to Imparafacile, I remind you that you can download the slides with the material shown in that event for free here: