Zhey emotions

Zhey emotions

Zhey InnocentThis week I talk about Zhey, a girl who uses The Sims 2 to create fabulous pictures. She says: “For me the photos that I do have to be immediate, give something, send emotions. Then if they are pleasant is better, but I love to communicate and do not always succeed”.

It seems to me that many times she is able, because over the image Zhey always adds a text: a comment, a verse of a song, a fragment of a poem. Creating something that goes beyond mere illustration-mail. Want some examples? See “Innocent” or “The Door of Angel”.

Like other artists Zhey often uses color very “basic” tones: the bright reds as in “Alice in Wonderland”, which once again demonstrates the close links between the images of many Graphic Dreamers and other arts such as film or music, or the range of blues of “Illusion of Love”.

ZheyZhey has a predilection for the faces and you see the prevalence of portraits and busts in its present gallery, but sometimes she does not mind doing some more complex images, full length, as in the dark “Sulle Ali della Notte” or with the onyric “Sweetly Stefanie”.

Overall a very interesting Graphic Dreamer and, in my opinion, with further growth potential. So I suggest you keep an eye on because like many other names appearing on this column (I quote only one example, Conniesec) often the best works are those that are created after my featuring, no matter how interesting were the first ones.

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