Crystalsphip dark tones

Crystalsphip dark tones

Crystalship RehulaCrystalship Rehula is a photographer in RL and this, she says, may explain why she is also in Second Life, a virtual world she uses as a canvas for her images, inspired by “actual situations she gets into and also sometimes from her imagination”.

That seems certain, since many of her images are cyberpunk, so not so easy to experience in reality. Crystalsphip by her own admission is above all a careful “observant of human behaviours”, an explorator of virtual spaces and of the psyche, an artist who creates images every time something strikes at the heart (and, I bet, lights a spark in her soul as in her brain).

Crystalship RehulaHer Koinup gallery (here her Flickr’s album if you prefer), composed of hundreds of shots, is full of issues as some bishops treasures are of gems, gold and silver reliquaries and shrines valuable, ranging from black and white images as in Paying a visit on Earth to sepia as in Another brick in the wall until shots colored like a rainbow, as in Bubble Gum.

We move from portraits, like Katra zil shuki to almost postcard-like landscapes as Groll Inn & Hideout, from high-tech images as Cyborg to those glamorous as The bride, untill those with a strong erotic taste as “”. Do not miss some quotes of movies as North by Northwest, original title of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie in Italy known as “Intrigo Internazionale”.

Crystalship Rehula DandelionHaving to find a common thread to so versatile artist, I see the mainly use of dark tones, that make sharper images, of a time suspended, as frozen by the click of the photographer, I see images where the artist’s imagination reinterprets objects, faces and places otherwise even trivial in their daily lives (take a look at Dandelion).

In short, when you see an image of Crystalship Rehula easily you will be saying “I’d like to know how to create similar images, if only I were able”. Fortunately, she shares her skills with all the fans of digital art, offering her graphic dreams.

(N.B.: as Crystalsphip explained us, some links may not work anymore, so check out her gallery and see what is visible now)

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