Marlia Looming cosmic art

Marlia Looming cosmic art

Marlia LoomingIf you think that digital art can explore other worlds, Marlia Looming is an artist that you can’t ignore. In RL she is a German girl who likes to experiment with many virtual worlds and online games like “The Dark Age of Camelot”, not just Second Life (which at first she thought was just another online game, as she explain in her blog), from which the inspiration for the images, she says, are often the result of chance.

Instead, they seem to me very consistent with each other, with the emergence of fantasy and cosmic echoes in images full of color and features hypnotic. Watch “Lost in Universe” and tell me if it is not an image that you can watch for hours without getting bored.

Marlia Looming is able to amaze with its mysterious portraits as “Asmodae 4” (made using the platform ofAion) but also with highly stylized landscapes like “Dark and Light Side” or virtual landscape but so realistic that they seem real as in “Mont St.Michel”, made in Second Life.

Marlia LoomingHer colors are vivid and often very few predominant tones: blue, red, green. The result, as in “Flying” are high-contrast images very “dramatic” and able to hit the viewer at first glance, often making him dream of distant worlds, as in “Alien”.

For a one who started as a simple “fan for online games” I would say that Marlia Looming has shown how virtual worlds can lend to new artistic experiences, when used by people rich in talent and personality, able to create their own graphic dream.

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