Versatile art of Ruriko Bracken

Versatile art of Ruriko Bracken
Ruriko BrackenMy God, it is increasingly difficult to select a name among the graphic dreamers of, now that the works included in the group have passed the one thousand, with 269 members. More over, it always seemed to me wrong I choose one of you instead of another. But there will be time and space for all, especially if Graphic Dreams can give rise to additional products such as ebooks, wallpapers and so on. Meanwhile, this week my choice goes to: Ruriko Bracken. Ruriko is a Japanese fashion blogger ( with a passion for photography and has a stream not huge [when this article was written she had about 50 images, then the number growth, LmS] but really high quality.
Ruriko BrackenVersatile photographer with a passion for landscapes as portraits, Ruriko has the ability to achieve at the same time very elegant and powerful images, rich colors and details almost to excess, but extremely readable for the viewer. Images that capture the eye and let your imagination soar, no matter if it is a “postcard” of Black Taj / White Taj (ie reproduction in Second Life of the Taj Mahal architectures) as in “Taj Mahal” or a evening of the Buena Vista Social Club as in “Buena Vista“.
The elegance of Ruriko comes out as arrogant in pictures like “White Rose” or “Piano” which in my opinion is very reminiscent of that icon of Art Deco style that was at the beginning of the twentieth century the Polish painter Tamara Rosalia Gurwik-Górska, aka Tamara De Lempicka.
Ruriko KimonoRuriko is 100% Japanese and you can not it, for example in images as “Night Love” or even more in “Kimono” and the two versions of  “Japanese Princess” (the first and the second), yet appears to have learned the lesson of the early twentieth century European artists such as Klimt, whose latest production, that of “floreal style”, seem to rely on images as “Bride”, “Dragonfly” or “Spring Breeze”. So I won’t be surprised to discover that Ruriko, who as you see make a good use of the editor of Second Life as a canvas for her works, should know and appreciate an opera like Madame Butterfly.

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