Scienza on the road

Scienza on the road

The combination of creativity and mathematics is not at all come to my attention immediately: this is the project “Scienza on the road“, created by the inventive and immersive SecondPhysics groups (which include Giovanna DelphinThales FlanaganMayo Merlin and Dixit Writer) aims to promote scientific matters in Second Life, the metaverse of Linden Lab where creativity rules.

The project, traveling, will touch all the Italian communities after its debut, Monday, Sept. 7, at the land of Alchimia, where Giliola Allen shows to the avatars present her mathematical puzzles, interacting with the public and giving life to a fascinating scientific conversation to show that you learn by playing, and even the most difficult topics is fun and affordable for everyone. “Mathematics education is often seen as cold and rational – Giliola Allen said – but the art is tied to mathematics, as evidenced by the fractals. What are they? A geometric figure in which an identical motif repeats itself continuously reduced scale. This means that enlarging the picture you will get recurring forms and new details will appear at every magnification. Contrary to any other geometric shape is a fractal, instead of losing detail when magnified, is enriched with new details“.

Scienza on the roadGiliola showed numerous textures to give a better idea: the figures made with fractal literally explode into thousands of details and many colors. Many works in Second Life have been created in this way, many artists make extensive use. In this way develops the creativity of each. And here was asked the first intervention to the public: a definition of creativity. Some definitions have been illuminating for some “creativity is known to create and give new meaning to the set of things known“, for others “to give form to their emotions,” or “irrationality sensibly expressed“. The definition of Giliola was “connecting old ideas in new ways, to produce ideas. And ‘one of our mental faculties, we often forget to use, but we are all creative people“.

To prove her argument, Allen test has undergone a creative subject to the public: “The hidden star” of Samuel Loyd, one of the greatest masters of mathematical games. It was shown a panel that plays a set at first sight chaotic corners gray and white, and yet, in the chaos, is hidden a 5-pointed star, perfect. Some people can find it in a few minutes, some in hours, who in two days and some people will never find. Once identified, however, is not lost throughout most chaotic, the star remains visible forever in the eyes of those who found it. The audience of Alchemy is adept in a bid with enthusiasm and some surprisingly good, they reported the solution in IM to Giliola. Others have taken much longer, and others have given up, not without anger.

Scienza on the roadAnother creative test was that of the “9 point”: 9 balls, arranged in three rows, three in each row, to merge with 4 straight lines without touching the same point twice, and without lifting the pen from the paper, or mouse from the screen, in this case. Here, Allen was more magnanimous than with the hidden star, providing real-time solution. The exercise of the 9 point calls to break the mold, she said: “When we are small we are very creative and then making big we confine within certain schemes, within certain rules, and in the end we just“. And yet, he was asked the difference between creativity and imagination. If creativity is an art, which is expressed by the combination of fantasy and reality, giving shape to a thought, freedom of expression, detach from the daily, changing the reality, fantasy is instead an invention, is imagination, is an impossible abstraction.

In the end, concluded Giliola Allen, creativity is nonetheless real and for this limited, in the strictest sense of the term, because of practical necessity. The fantasy but is almost always a thought.Fascinating that the definition of creative people provided by Giliola: “it is, among other things, a person’s energetic, resourceful, independent, passionate, demanding on herself, curious, dynamic, bold, meticulous, nonconformist, resolute, indefatigable“. How many of us do not recognize at least some of these definitions? In each of us, therefore, can not really hide a creative.

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