Link novels

Link novels

LinkThis week I wanna talk to you about Link, a French girl who, besides being passionate about graphic art, write novels illustrating them with her images, to realize which she uses the platform of The Sims.

A glance at her Koinup’s gallery and you soon will realize the versatility of Link and her ability to create stories that range from the romantic tone of nineteenth-century novel that seems to me to see in the saga of Quentin, Axelle and Kimerly, portrayed in various stages of their childhood and mature, to the Salgari’s novels style of her pirates, from hardboiled portraits that remind me of the work of David Mazzucchelli, cartoonist whose pencils cleverly illustrated the texts of Frank Miller arriving at literally recreating characters somewhat “gothic” as Batman (DC Comics) or Devil (Marvel).

LinkIndeed, even the characters that Links creates have Gothic traits, be they children or dark queens of the night, yet Link can be very Bohemian, as in the portrait of the Comtesse Carolyn des Aiglefins or of Cassandre or even extremely refined as with Dido or Clarissa.

In addition, Link gives us masterpieces of absolute value as Icy Beauty or She Puts Flowers and Butterlfies in her Hairs, which are pure joy for the eyes. In short, if you want to dream, try looking through the album of Link, since for her the definition of “graphic dreamer” truly fit!

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