Conformism in Second Life – 2

Conformism in Second Life – 2

Lookatmy Back ends his talks about fashion, conformism and the virtual world of Second Life. Have a nice reading!

Have you ever to enter an environment frequented by many avatars and, looking around, surprised to see how many twins and the twins are in? There are times, places or virtual communities in which many men have the same features. You could extend the same observation also to the virtual woman but you would have more difficulty in this case: they have a greater variety and choice of clothing and physical appearance than their own. Follow me, and we continue to observe exemples of too much conformism: does not it seem perhaps like I were in the middle of an experiment in cloning, so the faces look alike? But of course: they bought the skin at the same shop, bring the shoes of the same (virtual) brand and in the wardrobe all have the same clothes! It was because of word of mouth (or copybot, but this is a matter very, very different and far less nice, unfortunately)!

Lookatmy Back

Despondency takes me sometimes to note that many are moving in the exact same way, but I had not even trapped (nightmare!) in a Britney Spears’ video! But what happens? Aw, all AOs from the same supplier, isnt’ it? Worse than in reality! Why should my avatar look like a model of beauty and preconceived familiar? Why should I spend my time in a virtual nightclub, maybe “cheating” other avatars when I can travel without stopping in a world that could hide a pearl, a sliver of uniqueness behind every corner? I met avatars who thought, after several months, Second Life was the only small continent where they were born. Well: they were newbies, you say. They had never even open the map to look beyond. Oh, yes! Too busy to watch much, right?

The Second Life that I love is that which surprise you, that you would never expect, that you do not know and that which does not seem like de ja vu because it was built by a creative mind and original. Sure can be beautiful, reassuring, maybe something interesting to be perfectly plausible and realistic in a virtual world. But what incentive would live a life identical to the real one, with the same rhythm, the same aspirations and ambitions without prejudice to have a more beautiful body, with a more abrasive personality and an aura more radiant and bright as can own light shine, protected and hidden from our weaknesses, insecurities and fears behind the screen? I honestly do not know.

Let me not be misunderstood: each lives his/her life, especially when we talk about bits. Maybe I can not find the need, desire or aspiration to provide an interface to one of my own place, an identity that mimics or increases mine (do you mind the concept of “augmented reality”?), which is plausible servant of my mental projection inserted into a social fabric which imitates life. My avatar in this as in all other virtual worlds, it remains for me a mere heap of pixels customizable, a simple key to visually access a computer system immersive and interactive.

I prefer to see it in its world as a mask of comedy timeless, seasonless and without mode, totally regardless of me and vice versa. I prefer for it to take me by the hand in its amazing and impossible adventures, observations, explorations, rather than put a chain around its neck and let it make those gestures and rituals to which we conform daily to meet that I should force it to lose its meaning, to give up freedom of actors who Mr. Rosedale wanted to give him.

Not a rebellion in the system is mine… the contrary! I don’t want to subvert the rules of the Linden world! My thirst is just not to lose the beauty of different opportunity is new to the comfort of familiar things, the way I respond to the spirit as open as possible to the call of Philip Rosedale. Bring the poor Mr. Back to the fashions or life? One day, perhaps. Today I have neither the time nor the inclination! There is still so much to immagine!

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