Donna Flora contest

Donna Flora contest
It happens in life, to have moments when you have less free time than usual for many reasons: job, family, home, too much things to do… happen to me a few months a number of reasons that prevent me from being present as once in Second Life.
I do not make a drama, virtual worlds area very interesting, with strong social and artistic potential, to meet interesting people, chat, play, dream, or experience, visiting “places” and admiring what content creators of all the world have been able to achieve, whether they are “professionals” already famous in their field (I think to people like Luca LisciMarina Bellini or Mario Gerosa for the Italians), emerging young (as the artist Nur Moo from Parma) or enthusiasts who have found through these platforms a new way to express their latent potential (and here the list would be way too long).

Contest Donna FloraIn the few time that I can dedicate at the moment to the SL (or some other platform like Inworldz or Stardoll) I tend to favor activities that I can follow even “out” from the platform through the use of other media, from Facebook’s pages to my column on Mondivirtuali, from the community of digital graphics art lovers of to that of Flickr.

Precisely through this platform, for example, I had to learn about the Donna Flora Style contest organized by my “virtual sister” Mimmi Boa together with SoloEvane Model Agency, Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy, Bestyle Magazine, Bestyle District Model Agency and Elegancia Passion, whose “digital models” have unleashed to create images of very pretty dresses designed in recent years by Squinternet Larnia (if you want you can see my picture on Flickr and on Koinup).

Why do you speak if the contest ended on March 10? First, because I met Squinternet (in RL an Italian girl named Giulia) years ago working at Best of Italian and I always felt she is very creative, then because as already Cajsa Lilliehook was able to tell, Giulia is fighting a disease that took her to the hospital for two months and although she is now at home the recovery is still slow and she needs manifestations of esteem and affection (and in that Second Life is a tool as good as or even more than others to offer support to people in difficulty, as demonstrated by their recent event “Save Lapsus” organized by Alice Mastroianni, Tani Thor, Magicflute Oh and many others Italians in favor of Lapsus Weinstein, aka Danilo Curci).

Last but not least reason why I speak of how I used the little time I can devote this time to my presence in SL is due to the fact that I was aware of a fact, perhaps the most obvious but so far I underestimated: Second Life, they say, is a platform too “sophisticated” to enjoy the favors of an audience of hundreds of millions of users. Probably it is true, but in some cases the blame is also the “experts” users who do not do enough to make SL intuitive to use.

Let me explain: to find clothes, jewelry and accessories that I used for the photo I have a list of possible alternatives. Well, or better bad, since Squinternet has created so much in recent years and quite all exhibited in her shops “inworld” (I avoided using Marketplace because I am loyal to the “virtual shopping” in 3D), so to find some of the alternatives, not all of them, I spent a few hours (about 4 total).

Contest Donna FloraSure, I lost a little habit, but those entering for the first time certainly did not take me less time to orient. The problem is not Squinternet of course, but the fact that almost all the virtual “shops” are still organized as they were in 2005, with few clear indications and tens or hundreds of contents next one to another without any particular categories (if not very basic: man/woman outfits, short/long hairs, light/dark skins), exposed in locations where often the decorative element weighs more information useful to search for a specific item (I mean literally: there are too many prims spent on decorations, creating lag, and too little invested in signboards). But you try to look for, say, by the style of hair cut, or dresses by the year of creation/collection, or skins based on age or Gorean costumes representing the basis of caste or role, etc., it will seem a difficult task.

And while I still wanted to find specific objects, a novice user who only has a vague idea of what they like and do not think it is trying willing to invest as much time, especially when the alternatives (from television to video games from other 3D platforms to the most popular social networks on the web) are so readily at hand or a click away, not to mention the competition from the “first life” as well as pleasant alternatives continues to propose commitments and obstacles of every kind, as it is obvious.

So dear users, if you find Second Life difficult, why do not try to use the many tools available to make it more accessible and “plain vanilla“? Maybe you’ll have more fun,less stress and getting more satisfaction (maybe even economic, for those interested), or not?

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