Emms, the joy of living

Emms, the joy of living

Emms warriorWho said that an artist needs to be overly serious? Emms demonstrates that you can have fun and make both enjoyable and intriguing images and in some cases genuine “unique pieces” worthy of being in an ideal modern graphics art gallery.

Who is Emms?

But who is Emms, first? She is a girl who says of herself to be “just a happy chick hanging out in SL with her friends, love to take pics”.

Certainly she produces images with very vivid colors, happy, that inspire joy of life, plus there is a great irony and a hint of sensuality in the images of Emms, whether it is portrayed as a background, a scene from a marriage or a couple pose, Gorean girls, healthy rural or city girls, or flexous nekos, rather than mighty warriors.

Emms girl in blue

A remarkable talent

Her early images were not technically perfect, but they reveal a remarkable talent, then further increased with greater control of tools and technical for editing of the image, to select the most appealing light and color tones depending on the circumstance, her saturated colours remember to me some of Valentino’s red or Balestra’s blue.

Emms enjoys playing with different avatars (in some images there are two versions of herself with the avatar of her RL boyfriend), with various environments (from roleplaying to fairies), with various editors (from Windlight to Emerald), the result is a continuous innovation, while maintaining a style completely recognizable.

Emms should have a great time and is able to convey this feelings in the works you observe. That seems to me a great point of merit, don’t you agree?

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