Here it is Blade Runner City

Here it is Blade Runner City

blade runner city

If you are a fan of science fiction atmospheres, with a special preference for the darkest one, then the two twin sims build by the famous builder Blackmamba SandsBlade Runner City (and Blade Runner City 2) are waiting for you. Together they are a perferct set, purposely dedicated to the famous cult movie directed by Ridley Scott in 1982. Blade Runner City is a location surely worth a visit, maybe after watching the video tribute edited by the italian resident Jake66 Back. The ideal place where to spend from a simple night listening musica at the club to an entire sci-fi photo session.

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  • […] “So many years won’t pass before erotic robots can walk, to speak and to live as normal people”, expleined McMullen, a comment that brings to the mind futuristic scenarios like Blade Runner. […]

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