Lookatmy Back: conformism in SL

Lookatmy Back: conformism in SL

The fashion of Second Life and virtual worlds in general is too conventional? Lookatmy Back, user of Koinup.com, heavy traveller between metaverses and MMOs and virtual photographer, whose works hit our Luciana Pinazza who featured him, tell us his opinion. After reading the recent article published on Mondivirtuali.it regarding the topic, Lookatmy Back has written an extensive and interesting comment that we propose to you in two parts. Here is the first, have a nice reading.

I think that the article published on Mondivirtuali.it about virtual fashion was dramatically true! Not only fashion but also the way of life, art, architecture and how to socialize in Second Life, sometimes, has a very clearly “conformist” nature. A bad word, I understand, but it is a sad fact that each of us can see for themselves. Many aspects of social life of avatars end up slavishly tracing patterns more or less questionable whether the weight of reality and its average, idols and taboos. There is nothing wrong, after all, you can say. I agree, but only partially.

Lookatmy Back

Do you allow me a digression? My indignation is not, nor substantive proceedings: not disapprove nor approve. Who am I to do? I don’t judge because it’s not for me to do it and don’t pretend to do so. I have traveled to many virtual worlds, many of which are entertainment oriented, others socialize oriented. I have always appreciated their unique ability to be “other than what we see and live every day”. This, to me, is the basic ingredient and finally, what makes them attractive, beautiful to see and experience or just stimulating to the mind and soul.

Second Life, in theory, has always been the most visionary and ambitious project of all, isn’t it? Philip Rosedale appeared on the web, raised his hands and told us all: “Do what you want, you have all the tools to create your ideal world, your dreams or your nightmares, as each of you imagine them”. Regardless of dollars, in this speech, so I avoid thinking about the earnings, savings and virtual expenditure: I would like to follow a path marked by less theoretical issues irrelevant to the real point I want to share. “Second Life is a three-dimensional virtual world created by its own residents”, remember? Sometimes I smile at the thought of what we have been given by Mr. Linden and how, sometimes, we heard so many wasted opportunities. Look at my first account in Second Life: 2006… I got to see something, say.

Sometimes I asked myself: why? Why limit yourself to social rules, physical media and the reality in a world where everything can be different, in the manner and extent to which the editor allows us to create content? What we need to enter a virtual world to play, often in the most ephemeral, apathetic, liturgical and uncritical scenarios, situations, trends and styles as we have absorbed in everyday life? I am not, of course, speaking of reproductions of monuments, parks and similar amenities and commendable, mind you! I speak of those limitations that often embrace the subtle mind without even if they have the awareness! Why should I feel uncomfortable if it’s summer outside and my avatar is wearing the coat? He has no need to pay for my season, huh? Why should it? (The end in the next episode)

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