KirstenLee at work

KirstenLee at work

KirstenLee Cinquetti

Busy week for KirstenLee Cinquetti, Anglo-Dutch “resident” (born in Hayle, now living in Rotterdam, that you can see in a portrait made by ChrisTower Dae) partner in SL (and in RL, which is one of the few details known about KirstenLee, who once said to Hamlet Au: “Honestly you don’t wanna know what I do in real life. I work for whoever pays, live in a loft” and “Like good ole Cory I’m an ex-nuke submariner, weapons specialist”) of the Dutch mentor Dawny Daviau, whom in just eight days first released build 4 of S21 version of the Kirsten viewer, then build 5 (only for Windows) of the same.

Kirsten, a third party viewer based on Secondlife Development Code,has long been one of the most appreciated viewer by all users with high-performance machines (as early as January 2009 James Wagner, aka Hamlet Au, asking himself whether the viewer, then the S16 version, wasn’t the best ever between those developed for Second Life) and then by photographers, filmmakers and builders, since it has always allowed a lot more possibilities than the official Linden Lab viewers (which are designed for users with machines with less-performing hardware requirements, using which with Kirsten is likely you’ll have a few more crashes than usual).

KirstenLee Viewer

Amongmost appreciated features are the speed of loading, an automatic mechanism that automatically excludes the possibility of setting the shadows if your GPU is not powerful enough, the possibility of filming the movements of your avatar with its “looping” function, a command to adjust the depth of field and larger preview of textures and photos made “in world”, extra colors for the shadows, global illumination, multi-attachment, post-production effects and the ability to control visual elements such as hover texts (for an exhaustive list of features of the latest builds you can see here:, while for any questions or requests I suggest you check here: And of course as for the viewer2 of Linden Lab the option (but here is free) to use a tool for voice morphing.

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