Sensuality lives in virtual worlds

Sensuality lives in virtual worlds

Connie AridaConnie Arida (in Second Life, aka Connie Sec in Blue Mars) is the avatar of an Australian student girl ( whom as artist chose to specialize in two main themes, that of glamorous images, whether it be portraits or landscapes, and that of sexy images and often is both a model and photographer for both types of her images.

Glamour images of virtual worlds

The images made by Connie starting from the graphic editor of virtual worlds like Second Life (mostly using Kirsten Shadowdraft) or Blue Mars, edited with a mix of programs like Gimp, PhotoDraw 2000, Picnik or Mystical, empowered with free plugins like Virtual Opticverve Photographer and Xero, as explained Connie herself on her pages on

Connie Arida

With Connie avatars get real

The selection of images presented on her stream on (more than 600, about half of the papers published on the web from Connie Sec) impresses with the consistently high quality and the ability to make “real” and “human” avatars portraits.

Take the portrait of Baron Grayson or of Stephen Venkman or the self portrait Everytime I think of you, of over one year ago and compare it with recent Old Time Hollywood or Blind eand you will see that the  style certainly continue to refine but Connie’s style is in both cases at the top.Connie Sec gold

Not just sexy images

About sensuality, I believe that an image as Eurydice and the Underworld is worth a mention in history books of digital art.

And what about the perfection of shots never pretentious as Kiss, The Gilded Cage, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me or I’m Waiting, where a clever play of light and shadows gives a naturalness and plasticity to the bodies portrayed that has few equals? But Connie Sec knows how to make sexy pictures without having to resort to naked: admire Take You Away (Faster) or I Scratch and you’ll see.

Connie, as mentioned, don’t just use Second Life but also Blue Mars and is interesting to note how much images with the different graphical editor help Connie to carry out different styles, with more saturated colors and more contrast images in the second case, as in Life on Mars?

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