Nessy Shepherd: freedom for all people

Nessy Shepherd: freedom for all people

Nessy Shepherdn NunUntil January 25, 2010 you can see her works displayed at the famous art gallery Avatrait, where each image can be purchased at 3.500 Lindens, delivery of the copy at the end of exposure. The artist is Nessy Shepherd, a name familiar to readers of because she is one of the owners and creators of Valsharen Dark Realm.

Nessy ShepherdNessy in RL is a Dutch woman, fond of Fantasy (especially the dark elves Drows), a writer and a painter. In the exposition at Avatrait gallery you can find many of her real images alongside works created in Second Life.

Nessy is an eclectic, able to create fantasy images or classic, but also modern and surreal, to arrive at some topical suggestions like the Na’vi of Avatar the movie, with or without recourse to digital in postproduction. Should you not be able to attend the exhibition I recommend you to spend some times to admire her work on or

Nessy Shepherd WinternmoodThere is something for everyone really, united by the use of vivid colors and pasty (but not missing pictures in black and white) and with rich images that reminds me the works of Flemish painters like Rogier van der Weyden, reinterpreted and corrected, of course, to bring them current and consistent with the use of new media of the twenty-first century.

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    […] around for the entire island, an old friend of, Nessy Shepherd, already famous graphic dreamer and former co-onwer of fantasy sim Dark Realm. Nessy as you should known in RL is a Dutch lady, […]

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