Avatar for Beijing is not a game

Avatar for Beijing is not a game

Google ChinaOk, it is useless to hope to get away withjustthree articles: about Avatar (the movie) these days the world press, not only Italian is overstepping. If in Italy James Cameron movie dedicated to “blue natives” of Pandora has already grossed, according to the latest estimates, 11 million euros, in China (whose Zhangjiajie forest park, that you can see in the “cover“, has provided the inspiration for the sequences of thefrlying” mountains of Pandora) the box office was already over 80 million dollars although the authorities have decided to limit distribution to the only 2D version (however projected also in at least half of the Italian theaters), reserving rooms equipped for 3D to loal “cinepanettoneConfucio, as Reuters reports.

If you think that some days ago Google discovered (what a surprise!) that Beijing does not intend to change its policy regarding the filters and censorship on the web, even if this were to lead to Chinese market exit of Page and Brin company (a gap that according to many analysts would be immediately covered by the Chinese competitor Baidu.com), you  can understand how the decision made in April last year, to boost the economy by promoting the growth of the Chinese domestic market more than exports, risks have important consequences in the medium term for the whole world, the United States for the first.

Avatar NaViSo maybe it will not be true that the Beijing authorities have wanted to restrict the viewing of a film like Avatar that might seem, as well as a “science-fiction” version of Disney’s Pocahontas, also a critique of all the colonial exploitation, starting from that of Africa, where United States and China for years have been fighting to gain control of important raw materials such as oil, uranium and silicon, it is btw likely that Avatar will go down in history not only as the first 3D blockbuster movie dedicated to the concept of  virtual reality and identity (although very different from what we are used to browsing the web or entering Second Life), but also as the first opportunity for real cultural clash between East and West.

This is not because it contains in itself a particular message, I repeat, but because giving up an intensivelaunch of the movie Beijing, de facto, says Hollywood that can do without her, exactly as without Google and tomoroww without Microsoft, General Motors or any other major Western corporations, being the biggest market in the world. A market that is likely to close, as has happened many times in history, the West, if the West will not find the path of dialogue. And they say that virtual reality is just a game

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