Mr G, I suppose

Mr G, I suppose

Cicciuzzo Gausmann Mr. G - KittyThis time I want to speak of an artist whose work many of you have got to see in Second Life, if only because some of his advertising images of greatest impact among those used in the vendors of famous fashion brands in the virtual fashion industry. He is Cicciuzzo Gausman (you can read about him on his blog but even on, 38 years old in RL, born in Second Life April 27, 2007, already appeared in the film Thedia Connection of Adelchi Rossini (aka Adelchi Battista) in the role of Willy Poultry and this is what he told us of his passion for photography in Second Life.

Luciana Pinazzo: When and how Mr Gausman (ie the person behind the avatar) decided to take a look in SL and to start taking picture?

Cicciuzzo Gausmann Mr. GCicciuzzo Gausman: Just randomly one night surfing the web, reading about some random dudes doing all sorts of activities in this thing called “Second Life” like uhm, a journalist RL/SL or Madame Chung (Anshe Chung, aka Ailin Graef , owner of Dreamland and of Anshe Chung Stuios, ed) becoming millionaire, just got my total attention because I find amazing how “high communicative” can be a “virtual” world. Then, with my first account and after some experiences wandering like a newbie I started to work as barman in a well known Italian sim (Itland, Lms) where I met Agnes Finney, stylist for my Riviera Couture brand. It was her, while we were talking on Skype, who made me discover the most important secret for me… multi- layer in Photoshop! That discovery opened totally new paths leading to where I am today and I’m still amazed about what can be done with an “avatar” . The reason I started taking pics was for my own product displays and vendors.

Cicciuzzo Gausmann Mr. G -Alinee JewellL.P.: In RL you are a musician right? It’s the second time I see this sort of link between music and graphic (Divine Tokyoska in RL is a singer…), do you think is a matter of artistic sensibility?

C.G.: Most definitely, it’s a sensitive way to get what surrounds you… and then a sensitive way to give your feeling out by arts in general. Absolutely agree (and Divine is really pretty good at it).

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