Elf Clan prefers Inworldz

Elf Clan prefers Inworldz

Unless of surprises (already happened in the past) ElvenMyst, the elven land born on Second Life November 17, 2004 linked to the Elf Clan group (1.980 members at the moment), announced that from next November 23, 2011 will abandon SL after a series of closing events scheduled  between 11 and 13 November.

Elf Clan InworldzIt may be interesting to try to understand what arethe motivations behind such a decision and in a post are the same “the Eldars of Elf Clan” (Wayfinder Wishbringer, Peter Lioncourt, Cinnamon Raymaker and Moontan Valeeva) to explain it, thanks to Wayfinder Wishbringer, who point out how, even if none majorly negative current action of Linden Lab directly affect the current decision, “sim thefts, the OpenSpace sim fiasco (not to be confused with the OpenSim project, ed) and closing of the sim from Linden Lab because their payment system couldn’t seem to accept sim payments and banned the owner, Peter Lioncourt, from Second Life as a result” (something that without the direct intervention of Linden Lab Ceo, Rod Humble, that has unlocked the situation, would have led to the closure of the sim months ago, specify the “Elder”) at the end have prevented the survival of the project related to the sim,despite attempts to adapt the business model constantly.

Essentially, the reasons for the decision to pull the plug are therefore related to: “1) Absurd costs which cause us to question our collective sanity; 2) Opting for a better and far less expensive alternative; 3) Inability to run in-world markets due to direct competition from SLM (Second Life Marketplace, ed), hampering our ability to fund our lands; 4) Declining interest in Second Life overall and a bad reputation of that grid in the business world”. Btw, the decision to close on Second Life will not lead to disappearance of ElvenMyst from the web, since in the meantime, after several attempts and vicissitudes of Elf Clan elves landed on Inworldz (one of the grids emerging among those raised in the OpenSim Project, see image below which refers to Elf Clan land its own).

Elf Clan InworldzSo after saying goodbye to all those who want to continue to develop an Elf community in SecondLife, Wayfinder Wishbringer explained to all those who want to follow that of  Inworldz will be adevelopment of their communities as they couldnot see at the time of SL: “On SL as a group we are floundering… future growth impossible and activities minimal. On Inworldz just the opposite is true; we’re booming there. The price of land is now within the pocketbook range of the majority of our members and the platform is now powerful enough and stable enough to support a group the size of Elf Clan. Exploring Elf Clan lands on Inworldz is no longer a 2-hour experience. Now it takes days”. Competition against Linden Lab is growing, finally, and perhaps this will lead to some good news, as a reaction, even in the most famous virtual worlds.

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