Divine Tokyoska enhanced avatars

Divine Tokyoska enhanced avatars

divine tokyoskaHere I am again talking about an artist who uses Second Life as a medium to create spectacular images: Divine Tokyoska. Because of Divine (or blame of her) I understood, visually, what she wants to take full advantage of the possibility of environmental settings (especially advanced sky) of Second Life, but even if she knows in RL how to use Photoshop as a few other, she tends not to take herself too seriously and of herself and her images says: “I take pics of pretty SLadies, (there’s) nothing deep about my work, (is) all about sensual, cheeky fun“. Her images are certainly sensual and she seems to enjoy for first in the realization, but in the intensity of color, even in darker images, I find it hides the unmistakable signature of an artist of the first magnitude, one who can changing from an image of fashion to a sexy one, from an “horror” click to the “madness” of Silent Hill.

Divine is a very scenic SL photograph and perhaps this has something to do with her being (in RL) a singer initially R&B and then metal. She once recalled that experience in her gallery: “leaving the band was really the hardest choice I ever made…..ever…..I loved it…well..I loved the stage” adding “I just wanted to write killer songs and play them, didn’t have to be perfect, had to be fun… and by the end there wasn’t at all”. But let’s Divine talk.

divine tokyoskaLuciana Pinazzo: When and why did you come in Second Life for the first time?
Divine Tokyoska: I was born into SL September 2007. I first wanted to join SL because of Silent Hill. A well known Father Vincent fan, artist Shadoyine Muir, created the Little Silent Hill sim and I joined to visit it. Needless to say I quickly became addicted to Second Life.
L.P.: What inspires your works?
D.T.: I’m inspired by other in world talent, fashion and accessories, skins, interesting attachments or gadgets. SL is chock full of inspiration. I never really stick to any one theme. I’m quite restless in RL and that reflects my “in world” activities.

L.P.: How do you create your images?
D.T.: I use Photoshop and have been working with it for about 7 years, but I am nowhere near close to knowing all it can really do. I learned from various tutorials on Youtube and Deviantart.com. I’ve always been interested in digital art and found Second Life to be a comfortable medium and learning tool. I’m always pushing myself to try new things, filters, techniques… I try to give avatars a little humanity in their expressions and such without taking away from the essence of Second Life. I don’t want to make them look “real“… just enhanced.
divine tokyoskaL.P.: How do you judge the progress you made?
D.T.: I’m never really proud of my finished work, there’s always something I would have done differently!

L.P.: Give Mondivirtuali.it/SLnn.it readers further indications on some images I chose for this piece.
D.T.: Well, in the case of “Warriors” I was inspired by the old Warriors and Mad Max movies. Warriors was the one movie that defined my teenage rebellion back in the day, I loved that movie! For “Elf Druid” I was inspired by a pic my frind Psy Carnell sent me saing: “Hey, can you do this?” I said: “Probably no, but I can get pretty close I hope”. And well, this is the end result and no… it doesn’t look anythng like the original pic, except the pose, the drapes and cape kinda but other then that… no, nothing like the pic. Total time: 4 hours and 25 minutes.

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