Just Paola Tauber

Just Paola Tauber

Autumn 2009, it’s time of something new for Mondivirtuali.it/SLnn.it on the electronic pages of which kicks off an event that will offer you the job of a photographer chosen for us among thosewho make digital images from a avatar or an electronic landscape discovered or re-created in avirtual world like Second LifeLuciana Pinazzo will deal with this new book, she has long been our collaborator and lover of fashion and visual arts (if you have not already done, please take a look at her blog). Have a nice reading! (Sorry if the English translation came only on March 29, 2012, it was our fault!)

Lukemary Slade

Paola TauberI know the caracther of Paola Tauber for a long time, having had the opportunity to meet her both during and after her stay at the Jen School & Services of Jennyfer Miles and then at the international fashion agency of Rush Raymaker, Avenue Models. Paola to a charming style combines a feature that I personally appreciate very much: she is a person totallyintolerant of the art “star system“, ie she is “without airs and graces” at all, unlike many other characters undoubtedly talented, but too full of themselves.

Paola è nata su Second Life il 5 aprile 2008, provenendo da un altro mondo virtuale dietro il consiglio di alcune sue amiche che avevano da poco iniziato a esplorare il metaverso della Linden Lab. “Sono rimasta tanto colpita che appena messo piede in SL ho abbandonato la vecchia casa senza più voltarmi indietro e, passati i primi momenti di sconforto (l’avatar di default era orribile!), grazie all’aiuto di alcuni amici ho iniziato a capire i concetti base e ad esplorare le possibilità offerte da SL”.

Paola TauberAfter Jennyfer’s school for models, a chance has happened to Paola which was in many ways a unique opportunity and she took it: “Yes, I had a contract with Nex-Core, one of the most renowned fashion agencies. I soon realized that working as a model is a commitment that requires a lot of energy and dedication and after all I am in SL to have fun and experiment, with no particular ties, contractual or sentimentalI then left the fashion experience, but through it I discovered a passion for photography”. Passion for which Paola had in fact already a wealth of knowledge as the graphics, as mentioned, the real workof her.

The photography gives me the freedom to express and explore concepts and themes to my liking, and in SL, to quote Bettina Tizzy, you can do things which are not possible in real life!”. The images of Paola usually stem from an impromptu moment of inspiration, often generated by othercreative stimuli: a song dear to her, a sentence in a book. But many times they are related tolandscape or exclusive creations of SL.

Paola TauberI must admit that there is a certain narcissism. The subjects of my photography in general I am. Moreover, I spend hours “looking” to make my avatar nice, to cure minor details. Definitely fell in love with Paola! But it is not a being frivolous. The way in which create, based on the inspiration of the moment, means that no programs, or planning the portraits and therefore it is difficult, involving other avatars. Between explaining the concept, set the environment,finding props, and so the magic of the moment, the fancy and frenzy of the moment have passed”.

A concept, incidentally, that the writer fully endorses having experienced several times in animmersive reality like Second Life. Thanks to photography Paola has also been in contact with Avenue and then started a fruitful collaboration with Avenue Magazine, for which created and managed the “Inspirations” column, in which typically presents little-known artists, before becoming the art director.

Paola TauberSL is a small world sometimes. Are seen and oftenadvertise the same old personalities who already have fame and an audience. It’s easy to get on the bandwagon of “SLebrities”. I hope, instead, to give space over time to the huge reservoir of creativity that exists in SL, to those persons who, for pleasure, in this world have found a blank canvas on which to project their own, different, creative insights, but that still does not have risen to prominence”.

Certainly it seems to me that Paula, and I hope the images accompanying this article on Mondivirtuali.it / SLnn.it can show it, has a lot of creative insights and artistic sensibility, as well as “skills”. For my part I can only advise you all to keep aneye on her stream on Flickr or wherever it wants to expose her fantastic (in all senses) images and to follow us even on Facebook, Koinup or Flickr too. Congrats Paola, keep it up!

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