Crossmedial news

Crossmedial news

Can you follow Second Life and all its proposals without entering “in world“?

Runway Mantova International

Due to a bit of work to catch up and a  certain fatigue that sometimes takes even the most resilient “resident“, in these days I did the following experiment: I would have follow “by the tube” the most important news of the Italian community in the metaverse of Linden Lab, without enter in world, however, except for a few minutes to download the notice that I get every day and shoot maybe some pictures. In fact, Second Life is now a mature universe, at least from the perspective of communication circuits that are activated on the web in various contexts.

If you love the graphic residents of Second Life you have hundreds of albums on Flickr and many of these are devoted to the creations of the best Italian designers and builders (I quote for all the group “Made in Italy Fashion“, but almost every brand has his reference group and dozens of photographs dedicated to its online models), as well as any self-respecting land has its admirers, the former Piazza Italia (which has changed its name to BeStyle, as her alongside sister sim, Best of Italian, devoted entirely to shopping) to Second Parma or through the albums of the photographer (and model) Tielle Ariantho, fashion event in Mantova International, edited by Runway Productions and hosted homonymous Italian sim from 12 to 16 January 2009.

SL on FacebookFor lovers of art is then the obligatory reference to the blog where Arco Rosca (aka Paolo Valente) and Roxelo Babenco (aka Rosanna Galvani), the latter also curator of the Museo del Metaverso, holding the line for months (with contributions of many other names well known to those who read as Roberta Greenfield) of a dialogue between lovers of art in Second Life. Project which in turn is intertwined in recent months with both Rinascimento Virtuale and Arena and that every week offers the works of new artists (on display in SL) and on the blog, is the same on Facebook and Flickr.

If exist worldwide over a thousand blogs about the metaverse, of which several dozen are Italians, full of insights and updated regularly, Facebook deserves a speech in itself: the most popular social network in the world acts as another sounding board to the Linden Lab virtual world and the individual projects started in it by individual players, groups or companies. Plus the possibility of a “wasting time” and the other, to exchange impressions and reports of individual players, even when “in world” you never or rarely met. I mean, if I had not opted to receive on my inbox and notice all the IMs that are sent to Lukemary Slade when they are “in world“, I would not be left without some news. In fact, I found time for the party entitled to “La scarpetta di Sant’Ilario” in connection with the patron saint of the city of Parma in RL, celebrated the event in SL, in Piazzale della Pace in the Moslab‘s Second Parma sim (for details see there, with images, of course, on Flickr).

kublai in campo

Also through Facebook, in this case thanks to the courtesy of Brain 2 Brain, it was possible to know the first appointment and see the video of the B2B club meeting  with Hamlet Queler (aka Marco Minghetti) and Zygmunt Ballinger (aka Mario Es) of Sunday, 11 January, dedicated to “Humanismand the etiquette of social networking“, followed by, among other things Nova100 site (the metablog of Il Sole 24 Ore).

And thanks again to the site as a category of students born and quickly become the fastest growing social network I was able to receive the official announcement of the next Rome Barcamp of Kublai Project (to subscribe see there), in anticipation of the meeting in RL on January 24th. Last news from “the tube“: as I write these notes a “ping” I felt a pair of notice arrived in my mailbox thanks to Biancaluce Robbiani. In the first, via Facebook, reports a site which speaks of creation in Second Life to create a program that in 55 seconds, the complex structure of molecules, even very complex, engaging the database RCSB-Protein Data Bank. In the second, sent to members of the in world group “Il Diavolo veste Prada”, Biancaluce remember that this is perhaps the only one among the Italians of a certain size that does not charge anything for commercial advertisements and notices of projects and initiatives “in world“, giving each member the opportunity to add more names and a mouth that in turn if any requests for help with a problem in SL might be valuable. Word of mouth and cross-media, look like the ingredients for a good start to the year in RL and SL.

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