Alice Mastroianni – the end

Alice Mastroianni – the end

Let’s conclude our chat with Alice Alberta Cittone, known in Second Life as Alice Mastroianni, since 2007 one of the most famous Italian “residents” of the virtual world of Linden Lab who, after telling us her origins, reveals some dark sides of SL.

Lukemary Slade: Second Life has always been light and shadow, art and controversial, fashion and trash, Charity and role playing games: we know all your “bright” activities, tell us instead of the dark side. You did not have it, would you want to have, or prefer to play it in RL?

Alice MastroianniA.M.: My dark side… well my dark side, I admit, almost does not exist in SL, but it existed once. Since I became a PR after less than a month old and famous shortly after I always been careful to avoid gossip about me and when some strange curiosity invaded, I tried to share with sincere friends or perfect strangers to my world. But my dark side, and what now bothers me most, there was before, before SL. In a period of total confrontation between me and myself. In other sites, with other themes, with other people. Is a phase that I don’t like to remember, a time when I was too much exhibitionist, a time when I hurt virtual unknown, playing on my great ability to write and interpret. I pretended to be woman, man, I role-played with people’s feelings. Initially I have gained a strong personal satisfaction, the conviction of anyone who can juggle with the only ability to write. But then I got really sick when I perceived between the lines that I have hurt someone who was madly in love with some of my fictional characters.

L.S.: Unnaked Alice (both virtual and real), tell us now the way you have lived in projects where you walked, you’ve been able to establish relationships with the owner, the staff, just “chat” friends whom you’ve known and attended in recent years in world and on the web.

Alice MastroianniA.M.: To answer this question should write a book and in fact, for some time, I’m trying to write it, or better put on paper (Word) all the experiences I lived on the web and in SL. I did not think I’d ever done, and I doubt then publish it, maybe I put it on the internet, provided that this due to rectify doesn’t create problems! One day I complained to Mau (“the flower-shaped avatar”) about the football world in SL and started to tell him how many negative vicissitudes I encountered in my virtual life, which began back in 2007. He was telling me, “you should write these things in a book, but you need a crutch to everything outside…” which is what I’m doing using my sister, who is responsible for print and web communication and that has a good relationship with the network geeks like me. So to answer your question I can say: one day you will read everything and hopefully not have too many complaints and quarrels!

L.S.: These days you wrote on Facebook that you feel as a clown and you think not to have built anything that will last. At the same time you feel afraid for the crisis facing Italy (and elsewhere) and that puts in doubt the future of you and all those who are your age and wonder if, when and how can they set up house, have a child, raise a family, sometimes to get or keep a job. It is not contradictory to worry about SL and then to say of being afraid of RL? Or are they two sides of same coin?

A.M.: For me there is absolutely not contradictory, rather the opposite. I’ve always believed that SL would be my test platform to provide a full circle of my life and finally do what I do best: communicate. See, I’m a good dental hygienist, but you know why? Because the dental hygienist is not a mechanical operation, not just the one you put his/her hands in your mouth, but a person that with words, with explanations, with the dialogue should convince you and take you to improve your habits and your health. In short, the industrial hygienist must be a very good communicator. That’s why I’m good, I never loved the blood uh. And here’s what has always been my passion: communication, not only as a “say” but what about the “telling” the other, listening and turning a thought into words. In my opinion I would be a perfect shoulder for a better political and/or enterpreneur.

L.S.: What do you hope for the future of your (and our) SL and your (and our) RL?

Alice MastroianniA.M.: Can I be honest? After almost three years, it becomes difficult to hope something, if there is limited to Italy. I have unfortunately seen that in a nanosecond, with the arrival of some new famous person in RL who says “I have a plan” to come back into fashion challenges, fights and distrust. So my wish for a real and serious cooperation between people is pure utopia. I always hoped, I wish I was in RL, in a number of specialties, where there is not only one group that does everything, but each group specializes in something and with other groups carrying out a project, but now we are all builders, scripters, PRs and video makers. So too unfair competition… I prefer to share and divide, I’ve always done, so much that I can consider myself one of the few Italian PR that has managed to work seven builders to achieve a single island, not caring builder pride and focusing on the value of collaboration and for me WDT is a beautiful island just because it mixes styles, skills and collaboration. But in addition to the builder I work with photographers, artists, PRs… And if ISN did not want to act in SL in a way that seemed to me that of a feudal lord, even in the case of Prometeo [the project of the Italian mainland in Second Life, LmS], I am sure it would come out something really different, an example of collaboration to propose at the institutional level (I explained at the time as I felt here and here). What I hope for RL? Ahahah… that Fini recasts AN or usurp the throne to Mr Berlusconi first of all (as you know I am Right-oriented), but above all that is really looking to move towards the future with a real live, work, industrialization and sustainable growth by supporting research and cutting-edge companies in respect for nature and man. But is too much to ask, right?

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