Alice Mastroianni uncovered

Alice Mastroianni uncovered

Alice MastroianniAlice Mastroianni is one of the most famous of the Italian community in Second Life, able to create equally intense passions or considerable resentment.

Alice is one of the most popular PR in the metaverse of Linden Lab and likes a lot to play as a queen, at the cost of running the risk of getting her head cut off one of those times.

Certainly she doesn’t go unnoticed and indeed in recent years she has seen the birth, evolution, and in some cases the death of some of the projects that have made ​​the history of Italian Second Life. Alice Mastroianni is the “queen” of WDT land and decided to get her naked as mom made her. Strange to say, she accepted.

Lukemary SladeAlice Alberta Cittone (aka Alice Mastroianni), how is it that a girl from Turin, serious professional, one day discovers something so strange and distant world from “classic” Piedmont (and Turin) with its reality of farms and the sobriety of its buildings and become a PR able to move from nights at disco to photography exhibitions, from literary events to a virtual football league? For more involving real subjects as sponsors (Robe di Kappa) and as charities (PangeaCbm Italy) in her virtual activities?

Alice MastroianniAlice Mastroianni: Difficult question and I have to go far in my personal history to answer then, starting from my RL. Alice first, the real one, before becoming a professional, was a student like everyone else and as everyone made her experiences crazy and not. Among her experiences there was to organize and PR some clubs in Turin next to characters that dominate the tabloids, such as Luca Argentero, just to say one.

I used to nights out, I was working to make the most of the places where I worked and to enter into good relations and collaborations. Then… Then a love broke my heart and soul and suddenly I opened my eyes as. Everybody knew,nobody said, so I was “betrayed and beaten”, I walked away totally from the “Turin to drink” and I banished into my broken heart and the immense disappointment of discovering that among all those people there was not a friend.

I finished my studies, I jumped headlong into work and tried to regain confidence in myself in the professional field. I throw myself in university, hospital and political center of my profession, I have increased the association in which I stayed (also abandoned because of various new falsehood), bringing more than 1,000 members from North Italy (we are a little more than 4,000 dental hygienists throughout the peninsula).

I have organized conferences and seminars, taught at the university, was tutor in the hospital and then… then I am stuck in front of the compromise  and disgust, I saw how things were going, and saw for myself that did not exist as a meritocracy and by choice… and since I don’t like to give her if I need but only if I like, well, also the professional showcase was gone, returning to bask in the disappointment of all that surrounded me.

While all this was done (in about 5 years) I was a lover of web sites and games dedicated to war strategy, I was famous and bastard empress, neh! It happened that I heard on Radio Deejay about this Second Life, but the sentence that convinced me was: “a concert just for avatars, and no matter if you’re a celebrity, if you’re not in world you don’t listen it”.

For me it was like manna from heaven, a place where not enough to be VIP, but be part of the project to enter it, wow! And so Alice Mastroianni was born in search of the concert that never found. On the other hand met interesting characters, very amused, especially with a friend, the first known avatar, an Italian, Paki Mariani.

With him I learned how to open the boxes and use all the features of SL, we were a fantastic couple, we participated in contests around the virtual world and won every time, so much so that many people thought we tipped people and banned us. But we didn’t tp anyone, simply socialized by IM with all convincing them to vote us. So it was that evening when we were banned from our favorite club, we pause to reflect on the great mistake made ​​in marketing and management from clubs.

At the end we were a sort of landmark there, many people followed us, was a big mistake to let us out so… and the other between a chat and I told him: “I’ll show him how to do the PR, in a year will become the most  famous and best Italian PR for SL, we bet?” Those were the days when there was only an Italian land, Parioli, or so. I started with the Italian Beach Jazz Club of Luigi Vandeverre and Stizzo Undset and the ongoing challange with the Slurp of Surprise Georgette was the spark that allowed me to pull out my character in PR like when I was a kid and find that confidence in myself that I love and professional events had taken away.

L.S.: You’ve described as self-centered, centralized, capable of overpowering passions and just as dangerous “anger“. How much of the character of “diva“, of “queen” who plays Alice, and how much of the character and (in)security of the person behind the avatar?

Alice MastroianniA.M.: An evening Imparafacile Runo (aka Giovanni Dalla Bona) told me “You have a big drawback, you need to hear: Alice you are good”. I believe the answer to your question lies in this phrase of Imparafacile, which coincides entirely with the truth.

A very strict upbringing, where “good” has never been told, a difficult relationship with life, where no one has ever congratulated for becoming a good person and not a crush girl as many hoped, always made ​​me very unsure of myself and always looking for approval, confirmation, even a “go on like this” to convince me that I can continue.

Egocentric and centralizing I’ve always been, since as a baby, I’ve always said to be a queen as well as in performances at school that was my role, that the queen was bad, okay come on, let’s fly over…

Alice, thanks a lot for this first part of the interview and see you all tomorrow for the latest part of the interview, regarding dark side of SL, past and future projects and much more. See you!

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