EsseElle Movie Magazine is back

EsseElle Movie Magazine is back

EsseElle Movie MagazineEsseElle Movie Magazine is back on the kiosks of the metaverse (and on the Web) with its ninth issue and awaiting the celebration of the year, which will be celebrated with the next issue, editor in chief Sandra81 Fargis likes to shuffle her cards. The magazine, in fact, has a few now”traditional” appointments as the last but one episode of “The man who crossed the screen“, the first picture story “filmed” entirely in SL, or the advices of Italian SL mentor Biancaluce Robbiani for the newbies of the metaverse (in this case about a very topical in times of real crisissuch as: “How to get money to buy clothes and objects… without any problems“). And then, again, the interviews of MinDBlind Setsuko, who met in this issue Berardo Carboni, director of  the film shot entirely in SL “VolaVola / Flyme” and the film review of Sabin Ferraris, dedicated to the recent “Angels and Demons“, prequel to the “Da Vinci Code” just released in theaters by Sony.

If the co-editor in chief Faropoeta Destiny also in this issue provides us with one of his RL interviews, with eleven questions to Antonio Ferrera, Sandra offers us the great theater in SL with a piece on “The SLShakespeare Company“. Well, if everything looksenough “in line” with the style of the magazine, thepleasant surprises coming from the remaining pieces. Eva Auer, “shameless reporter” with declared passion for underground stories with a “dark side” flavor, proposes a piece on “Nightclubbing“, with the interview with Samr Miles, owner of the Italian club Malice. As if to say that even the “bad girls” can enjoy adisco night spent listening to relaxing music and chatting with friends old and new, not necessarily in “dark” environments or dedicated to specific activities or types of visitors.

Surprises continue reading the piece of KellyKelly Vendetta, which until now had appreciated as an ironic interviewer and never trivial able to trace with elegance many SL Italian VIPs and who here proposes a “high” piece, dedicated to “Metropolis in Second Life“, an event-show that took place at midnight last March 29. A show intense, as understood by the mournful tone of the description that offers KellyKelly, able to utilize the full potential of Second Life and that we hope will soon be worthy of “rivalry” between the proposals of the community flags (and according tosome our speculation it would not be long, though in a completely different context, in this regardwe suggest you keep an eye on the calendar of events of Piazza Italia and Best of Italian, lands owned by Annemarie Perenti, whose staff seem to already be in turmoil in view of an artistic event for the month of June that should use the most of the interactive possibilities offered by the platform of Linden Lab).

EsseElle Movie MagazineFinally we leave the two “highlights” (so to speak, given the high overall quality of the whole magazine): if “TinyOutpost” continues in this issue in collaboration with the American magazine The SL Newspaper offering a point of international perspective on Second Life (which too often lacking in the community flag, too closed in on a volunteer “splendid isolation” due to poor knowledge of English and a certain mental laziness of the average user), it’s with that piece of Aquiladellanotte Kondor that EsseElle Movie Magazine offers the reader a glimpse of  “Thefabulous world of fashion in SL“, with an interview with a main feature of the sector, model and businesswoman: Poptart Lilliehook, marketing manager in RL and who, as many will know after the withdrawal of Dea Mills, founder and owner of Modavia, is now the owner and Ceo of virtual world famous fashion agency, as well as being director of marketing for LeeZu Baxter Design, Fashion editor in chief of Modavia Directory, top model for agencies such as Mad Agency Style, InStyle Model, Model Glance and many more.

Actually this number could have / should have foreseen the collaboration of myself, to speak to readers of a “historic event” that heralded in the Italian fashion in SL, the landing of one of the best known brand in the world (Versace) in the metaverse. But how many know by now ( / wrote the story in a recent piece), the news turned out to be a bullshit created by Edika Hax and Anna RokocokoNot only Versace has never dreamed of being interested in the metaverse, as I have been told by their chief press office (sothat I reiterated what has already been expressed to me a year ago, when rumors began to turn the mysterious landing), but now it seems to have ended in the hands of attorneys for fraudulent use of the mark. In short, it could be the opportunity to demonstrate that the Italian community has nothing to envy to the “international best practices“, at least in Second Life and at least in an area where the made in Italy is traditionally strong in RL than in SL, insteadbecame yet another poor figure. We just hope with the next issue of the magazine to have much more (and better) to tell.

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