Before to join Second Life (2)

Before to join Second Life (2)

We conclude our review of things you should know before log in Second Life to enjoy the best online experience, reminding once again taht you can find many other advices and comments following the original post of  Mars Ponderings.

second lifeThe lag (literally “slowing“) is a part of Second Life, and we all hate it. There are alternative clients (or viewers, programs that connect your PC to the servers that host Second Life) to use (NB: In some cases, certain special viewer, such as “restrained” are used by fans of particular role-playing games, or RP if you prefer, LMS) and tips and tricks that you can try to slightly reduce the lag. Look for them in the official forum.

The forums are an excellent starting point if you have any questions, especially to find answers for residents. Avoid, however, to ask questions or make angry posts regarding Gor, the furries or baby avatar. These threads come out often, then try first to do a search in the forum. Especially not inflated the forum with requests for participation in your latest poll…

If you have photos, create objects and put them in inventory, or loaded texture, be sure to give them meaningful names at the time of creation. And if something has a name that is not useful or descriptive, rename it to something that has meaning for you.

It is not necessary to bring things to your avatar to be examined. Just use the “Check the camera” (camera controls) from the View menu, practicing with them until they have learned. It ‘so much faster, for example, to navigate among the many exhibits on the walls of the great shops of Second Life.

If you want to change clothes, no need to undress completely before dressing again. The clothing in Second Life is on different levels (undershirt, shirt, jacket, etc.) so if you’re embarrassed when you change costume in wrapping it around a beach towel. Want to change your shirt? Wear a jacket first, then change it to remove the shirt under the jacket. Or again: find items you want to put in your inventory. Right click and select “wear“. The new outfit to replace what you are currently wearing on that level or in the body. If you doubt the parts to wear a suit and another click on the search field at the top of your inventory. Enter the text “worn“. The search result will show everything you are wearing. Then right-mouse click and remove everything that does not want to wear.

It ‘s very likely that at some point, you see the following message on a blue drop-down menu: “Fangs [Bloodlines] 2.8: (avatar) I would give you a bite from a vampire. This will register in the system of blood lines and receive a free pair of wearable bites. If you accept the bite, you should not play, and if you will be bitten, do not drink a potion to undo it. Say yes to accept“. In fact you should not necessarily say yes. This is a role-playing game pyramid that bothers many of the residents. The “vampires” use a HUD (a wearable device) that explores the area and tells them who has not yet been bitten. These players tend to hang out areas of the newbies, because most of the newcomers do not understand well the meaning of the request and are more likely to click “yes“. If you will be bitten, or you have been bitten, you’re automatically a vampire, you are not obliged to play. And absolutely do not need to buy any kind of potion to “cure“.

Just when you bite, your avatar’s name is entered in a database at the site bloodlines. In it are listed in the “souls” that “belong” to any vampire (NB: also on Facebook, there is a similar text-only social game of Zynga, called The Vampires, but in this case you do not have obligations; btw if you want to play play the game otherwise simply declined the invitation, LMS). If you’ve been bitten, your name will not appear on the HUD as a potential victim of any other vampire. However, if you do not want to be a potential victim, there is a “necklace of garlic free” (not paid for it ever, is offered free of charge in many places, such as the Freebies Paradise of Sarah Nerd), Once you wear them and then taken away. Doing so will add the name of your avatar in another database indicates that HUD does not consider the vampire as a potential victim, but as if you had already been bitten.

Dispelling a myth: you can not get stuck inside a house, or in another cage. If you’re seemingly trapped, you just teleport somewhere else. If the teleport does not work, logout and then back to another point. To avoid returning from the same place where you disconnected, go to the Edit menu (modified) check in the preferences and turn on the “Show Start Location on Login Screen” (showing place of departure on the login screen). Once you start screen of Second Life will have a drop-down box with a choice between “home“, the last position or write directly to another destination (for example, a Sim by name) and from there you can sign in again.

Pay attention to warnings in yellow down, which in contrast to the blue that are often encountered is a notice of complaint. If you receive a notice of these, think twice before you click “yes” because doing so would allow a few hud to withdraw money from your account.

Do not dismiss a priori the idea of joining a group. Even when you wander lonely in the metaverse the group chat window open you can keep company keep in touch with people who share your interests. Groups are also a time saver when you are looking for specific answers, sites or products, such as clothing free of quality, although less frequently, skin, hair or free shape with which to improve the look of your avatar.

Not everyone wants a large friends list (the list of friends), so do not send a friend request at once. Please ask your partners if you can offer them friendship (friendship), and do not be offended if the offer is rejected or if someone before accepting your offer of friendship, then after a few days after his name disappears from your list of friends. Probably only agreed not to hurt your feelings, or simply changed his mind about it and removed your name from your list of friends. If this happens, it’s best not to resubmit the offer of friendship.

This point is very important: do not be surprised if the avatar woman of your dreams at the end turns out to be a man in RL (or, less often the case, a male avatar appears to be driven by a woman in RL). This kind of role reversal is often encountered in Second Life so you do not give anything for granted (as would be assumed that the little bunny you are talking to is a rabbit in RL). That said, however, you are strongly advised not to “require” any avatar you are interested in testing a voice to ensure the correspondence of gender. Apart from that you might offend people in front of you, what you may hear the same could not be true: the evolution of the voice manipulation software is freely available and is very effective in making the voice sound masculine feminine and vice versa.

In any case, do not be offended or angry if someone does not want to share the information of its RL (real life or real life) with you. Many people only exist in SL as a person/avie/whatever they are. Some believe that their real-life information is very personal. When they are ready to share them, they will. But not before. Finally, remember what is probably the most important thing of all: behind the other avatar there is always a real person. A human being with feelings and emotions like you.

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