Hackers and crafty in SL

Hackers and crafty in SL

What times doctor, what times!” sighs our laundry lady, met after some weeks. One can see that she can’t resist, she must tell us some other virtual gossip. “Did you hear about the neo-Nazi hacker attack to our poor Pinco Janus, doctor?

Ira DumontYes, I’ve heard: last February 7th it seems that a shower of cubes with an animated gift of “uncle” Adolf Hitler downfallen on the main store in Constantine of Babele Fashion, the well known brand of the Italian fashion designer, which is present even at the Best of Italian and in a hundred of other stores throughout the metaverse.

Things that can happen, unfortunately, as remind all participants in the final of the beauty contest Dea di Giove at Isola di Giove, more than a year ago, literally submerged by… (forgive me) “flying cocks” until one of them, Ira Dumont (aka Sandra Pellizzari, whose avatar you see in the pic), stopped the invasion and allowed the smooth of the evening.

Moving from one competition to another our laundry lady still seems upset after the last rumor that runs for days in the Italian fashion community of Second Life: “Did you hear, it seems that the first two listed in that famous beauty contest, Miss It… were the same person… Some say is the organizer of the competition himself”. Yes, I’ve heard, as have heard and reported most of the professionals of the sector. Who still don’t know whether to laugh for the colossal joke or crying for the umpteenth bad figure that the whole Italian industry could make again for thesupposed cleverness of a girl (or a boy).

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