Before to join Second Life

Before to join Second Life

Second LifeWhether newbies or veterans, here is a wonderful collection of tips, sometimes ironic, sometimes practical, started by Mars Ponderings, author of the blog SL for Nowt (originally translated in Italian by the SL mentor Biancaluce Robbiani). I took the freedom of making a selection of what I find most interesting, but of course you can always read (and add) the other points as well as new comments directly from the original post. But stop talking and enjoy reading this first part of things to know before log in Second Life.

No one can kill your avatar. If you happen to be one of the few areas with “damage-enabled“, the only thing that will happen, if your avatar loses all health (which happens only in those rare areas with “damage-enabled“) is that you will be teleported there to the land that you set as your “home“.

If someone tells you that is a “Linden” or working “for the Linden” or Second Life, unless he/she has the last name “Linden” and his/her profile (you can see with a simple right click of the mouse done on their avatars and selecting “profile” that opens the cake) does not report, under “Account“, the words “Linden Lab employee” (i.e. an official Linden Lab), he/she is lying.

If you feel decidedly uncomfortable, simply teleport away. Same thing if you are harassed or threatened / attacked by anyone, simply teleport away.

The first place you teleport after the birth at an Help Island will be set as your “home“, until you change it. You can set the location of your home in any Linden Lab infohub, as well as in some areas that allow that, when you are a member of that group. Plus you can always set the home on any land that you own, or rented after you have joined the group of your landlord.

After setting the home the fastest way to teleport to your home is the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+H.

Many Wellcome Areas (the first areas where you land when you leave the island of birth or Help Island, and will be set as the first home), have a high rate of “griefers”, ie people who take fun in harassing newbies (new players). Better to find as soon as possible to a different location to set your home. When you leave the island of birth, click on the sign “Ready to start your Second Life?” so many times until you no longer places of destination or teleport. Ahern and Waterhead are to discard since those are the ones with the highest rate of griefers. Silent places, like Ambato, are usually preferable.

Ladies, be aware that choosing a female avatar means many boys will gravitate towards you, even on the same Help Island, a few seconds after you were born in Second Life. This can be a source of stress as you seek to learn the rudiments of this new online experience, if you get flooded with questions from chat insistence of some guy asks you where you are, what is your real name,where you live, what do you do in RL and so on. Two ways to prevent this from happening, are simply tell him to go away, or to choose a male avatar when you register. Is always possible (any time) to change it to one female using the shape (body types) present in your inventory from the beginning in the Library folder (which contains the basic equipment of objects, clothes and body parts). Most people do not see the name above the heads of other avatars when entering for the first time, but is attracted to the female form. Initially employ a male form will allow you to go through those first few moments without feeling attacked.

Watch out for objects and offers that you receive invitations to the groups, particularly those who are sitting waiting for you to appear for the first time in Second Life. The only offering that should be taken into account are those clearly from people belonging to groups such as Help People! Second Life Mentor or officers (who wear the tag, which is the official title, Second Life Mentor on the name of your avatar), or from the NCI group. Use common sense: some have fun in giving a novice an object that will do something stupid (or clean up the virtual wallet).

In Second Life no one can ever force you to do anything that does not want.

If you come across in the red lines that say “no entry” and bounced away from somewhere or you have a blue note in the top right of the screen that tells you that you have tried to enter a restricted area, do not take it as a personal attack. People attach value to their privacy in SL and can set up in their land blocks entry to outsiders.

Also as mentioned above, do not go into other people’s homes if the owners are there, perhaps with friends or with your partner. If you enter by mistake and you are invited to come out, apologize and make a quick exit. Especially do not use poseballs (balls with animations, including of “hot” type) that are in the homes of other players. Doing so is equivalent to sneak into the house and use the bed of someone else in his absence.

Second life 2009The avatar with the likeness of children are neither children nor perverts (although what some journalists looking  for easy and scandals stating, Second Life have never tolerated or loved anyone, LMS). Many people wear avatar for children rejoice in the innocence of that age, so do not be too quick to report a resident, because you could literally ruin his/her Second Life. If you are too quick to terminate with the form of abuse (abuse reports) a resident as a “pervert“, you might ruin his/her real life too. The only complaint of abuse you have to do is to signal a clear situation where it is put in place an explicit sexual relationship between an adult and a child avatar and even then be able to recognize the difference between a baby avatar and the fact that many people in Second Life has a very young look, but are not children avatar! The only “ageplay” which is banned in Second Life is the sexual type, while it isn’t forbidden to make ourself look younger than we really are.

On the other hand do not be afraid to report the abuse report people who molest. The worst thing you can do in these situations, however, is the retaliation, since often the griefer seeks to induce in order to have a pretext to denounce them (well, even better to resort to the law that virtually groped for their own justice then passing the wrong LMS)

The mute button is your friend. If someone harasses you, right click the mouse over their avatar and “mute“, or use search by name, open their profile and click “mute” and achieve the same effect: that of not having ever read (untill you decide to remove the “mute“, LMS) in chat or in IM.

Video tutorials of Torley Linden are absolutely priceless. See how much as you can (they can easily be found on Youtube too, LMS).

Guys: do not harass you see all the female avatars in Second Life with demands for “hot” fun. Especially do not wear the “frenis” (freebie penis) running everywhere. You would be laughed at (that is: it is true that no one knows you, but you seem the same an idiot, LMS).

If you are hunting for freebies always remember your manners. You do not like the freebie offered by the store owner? I do not despise it publicly, without the harassment and the store owner to give you a different version, or another color. Remember it is free and the seller was not obliged to offer it at all (and in fact there are many gifts and freebies made from time to time or only for members of specific groups, LMS). If you do not like, just delete it from your inventory and keep going.

Do not ask for alms: it means to be homeless to be kind. There are few other ways so fast to quickly get a “ban” by groups and be changed by a large number of people who ask them to give  “only 10Lindens, so I can upload a picture in the profile” (that is: you remember those people who ask “only a few cents” in order to make the train fare, invariably a few minutes before the start of the train? LMS).

Is there an easier way to get money using your credit card or PayPal account via the official website of Second Life. Or if you can not use or have a credit card, in many countries you can buy pre-paid credit cards (even in Italy, although many homeless-residents seem often to forget it, LMS).

And finally (for now): there is no way to “get rich quickly” in Second Life (It’s a tale, a publicity stunt, see you how to define, LMS). One will almost never be able to gain so much as to leave a real job. Or rather, someone has done it, but we’re talking just a few people in Second Life in that situation. Who over the head of the avatar exposes written as “click on me to Free Lindens“, or those Web sites with the slogan “Earn Lindens quickly!” are scams that try to collect email addresses for spammers. Use common sense: if it sounds too good to be true, probably it is not true!

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