Improve your avatar and accessories in SL

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    modify your avatar

    You do not feel right with your avatar? Want to improve your shape? No fear, as there are many producers of “shapes” that propose to you “ideal” models ready for use, each of us in Second Life is able to get into shape in minutes, thanks to the “appearance” function. Which is sufficient to use the right click of the mouse on your avatar, the three-dimensional doll that represents you in the metaverse of Linden Lab, and select from the pie menu that opens, just the “appearance” section.

    AppearanceJust because your avatar will wait, arms and legs spread wide, that you set the new parameters of its appearance, selecting from the drop box that in the meantime will be open to video, you can first change in detail, precisely, the characteristics of your virtual body (“shape“, “skin“, “hairs” and “eyes“), but also your clothes (in the “clothes” section ofthe menu you can go change shirts, pants,shoes, socks, jacket, gloves, undershirt, underpants and skirt), provided of course that you have worn modifiable clothes.

    Let us concentrate for now on the shape: thisin turn is distinguished by a number of areas of the body, head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chim, torso and legs. Each editable by a multitude of parameters, the length of the “robustness” of the size the shape more or less slender, square, more or less pronounced cheekbones, cutting and opening of the eyes and so on. Individual parameters with values ranging from 0 to100 and a series of images will make you realize what kind of effect you get by increasing ordecreasing the default values (which are in the meantime you will see your avatar change shapeas they change the values of the menu) .

    With a little experience you can create various shape and if you have a good eye and maybe you have some clear pictures of the face (or whole-body type) you want to play, you will be able to become the virtual counterpart of any celebrities or historical character even. Or fun to take the shape of fantastic animals, demons or angels, cats, foxes and so on, making your truly unique avatar. When you’re done all you can just save your masterpiece with a new name and you will shape the new inventory.

    In this way, you can also enjoy wearing multiple versions over time you more or less fat, high or low, which looked more or less mature. Making it even more original your presence in the metaverse. At the end is or is not a second life, who never has to be the flat reproduction of our daily reality?