Empire of Nod

Empire of Nod

Empire of Nod Lilla MartinekYes, I admit it: after so much talk about fashion, after a thousand of Miss world, galactic, universal, after endless discussions about art and aesthetics, graphics and philology of commas on the mirrors, to paraphrase my compatriot Umberto Eco, I wanted take a breath a little. And here I am back to simply wander around Second Life as a traveler, the dual nature of reporter of Mondivirtuali.it and dark and ambiguous character, which in himself hides thousands of secrets. The dark side has always fascinated me, as a good Dilan Dog reader and I have recently discovered and got to play Vampires on Facebook.

A game, of course, a relief from the stresses of everyday life that serves to balance my natural tendency to light (I am a good devil, after all), but also to test my ability to develop some strategy game situations I do not have as usual (in the everyday life of the rest deals with the problem  armed only of my analytical skills, not of swords, whips and chains or sharp teeth). Well, in my wanderings in these evenings, I found a friend who did not heard for a long time, Lille Martinek, and what did I find? That she has now become the Queen of the Empire of Nod.

Empire of NodIt is a dark themed land, which has already mentioned (during a visit in view of the long marriage between Lille and Joannes Bedrosian, head of the cyborgs of Post Utopia) Miaemilyn Mayflower in this post, but since Mia has made her visit the land has improved a lot and therefore deserves a new quote that I am sure will appeal to all readers attracted to the dark side. How to Golgothica, of which we have already had occasion to write (and where, however, the RPG was still holding on), Empire of Nod is also a land fit for vampires, goth style lovers and fans of RPGs. And as Golgothica is very appropriate to suggest unusual sights for those who are passionate about digital photography in Second Life and find a fertile ground to vent their passion.

Empire of NodDoing some talks with the owner and builder Dreamsmen Romano I noticed the passion with which the project is being carried out, a passion that brings Dreamsmen to spend much time looking for the most realistic textures but also to study approaches that involve using less prims in order to ensure a better gaming experience. In short, the lag is really very low and that a “former Master” like me who has traveled the length and breadth of Gor (as well as other RPG lands like Sick or Midiam City, not to tell of Templum ex Obscurum, really beautiful but heavy to load) is nothing short of amazing. The photos I took during my short visit does not do justice to all that you can find as well as the courtesy with which visitors are welcomed by vampires of the place, so take my advice, one evening when the little devil implore you to not to go for the umpteenth time “to the disco” give him a chance and go for a visit to Empire of Nod, surely you will not get bored.

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