Golgothica is for vampires

Golgothica is for vampires

GolgotichaLet’s leave apart for once the talks of culture and philosophy, or about what will happen to Second Life and its residents-eterpreneurs in the future, and going back to an easy topic, fun and role play, but very dark in theme, presenting Golgothica.

Golgothica, dark land in Second Life

Abandon all hope ye who enter and go beyond this first (and only) warning to mariners, sorry readers, today we speak of a land other than as is best suited to those who love, at least in their second life, the “dark side of force“, rather than art exhibitions or cultural events.

Welcome to the Lands of Golgothica. After the catastrophic events of Starfall much of Golgothica was flooded, but many small islands of dry land and high rocky outcrops were pushed to the surface in the great earth upheaval”.

So a notecard welcoming new visitors to this land landing on a medieval castle filled with skulls and vampire recalls, besides the best goth and fantasy fashion brands (visiting the land we noticed the presence of House of RFire, Eclipse, Horo Design, Fallen Gods and Moonstruck, just to name some of the main brands)

A land for RPG lovers and virtual photographers

A land for RPG lovers, then, but considering the graphic quality of its buildings also set for lovers of virtual images, so that if you go on Flickr you can find a specifig group, by the quality and variety of images you can get an idea of the land or if you prefer you can look at the many videos on Youtube (I suggest you this).

Small but important note: in the stories referred to Golgotha (which also has its own official blog) after the Starfall (that is the four days that shook the known world between meteor shower, tsunamis and hurricanes of apocalyptic dimensions) appeared the “arisen” (literally, those who were raised, in this case from their graves): pale, violent, with no memory of their previous lives or their past passions, hungry for blood!

Golgothica is a vampires land

Yes, Golgotha is a land where ladies and knights fighting clan of vampires. To top it all, according to what reports the notecard, after Starfall something changed in the waters that took the power to transform what was swimming in them.

Harmless lizard could become a dangerous giant crocodile, while new plants were born as the Dark Lilly and the Dragons Breath with which it is unwise to try to exercise your green thumb, unless you intend to spell, because they seem to have properties that are consistent with formidable mix potions. In short, knights, vampires, monsters and wizards are waiting you.

Certainly for fans of the genre that’s fun, for the curious to visit it is worth to do it, except to observe the rules of the sim, as in all the themed lands (like may cities of Gor, for example), that are available (along with the tag of “observer” to be worn before you teleport to the ground) for anyone landing at the front door of Golgothica, whether he is to take part in the game or just want to take some photos to show off to friends on the web.

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