Luciana Pinazzo naked

Luciana Pinazzo naked

Luciana PinazzoHere is Luciana Pinazzo naked for you. Naked and willing, naked and… But wait, stop stop stop! There is a deception, this is a trick: Luciana Pinazzo is not naked, oh no. Or rather, she is not as you might think if you have just clicked for the title (taken a cue from a nice follower of a well-known Italian forum about SL). But myself, Luciana Pinazzo, I’m truly “naked“, meaning without screens, with no borders or limits that RL impose us, to me and you, I’m really naked in Second Life. And sometimes (check on my Flikr album if you do not believe me) I can let my avatar pose nude, but naked or dressed believe me: there is a very little difference.

Let’s talk about a few things that are important to me: if you clicked because you hoped to see me naked well, maybe you’re part of those 30,000 that every second in a year are clicking on a “hot” site. To do what? Well, mainly to satisfy needs and express feelings taht in real life and/or social relationships in RL you can not satisfy or express. So you take refuge in a virtual alternative (it reminds me of something… maybe Second Life?) in which no one seem to be hurt. Except that in this case maybe you have not to be careful, you won’t to become blind, but simply you risk to loose touch with reality.

Make sure to read this short article, very instructive, and then come back here (this morning I was waiting for my doctor and I read an old issue of D, the weekly magazine of La Repubblica, that you can find on the web, where I found that article). One point struck me: “In the face of this universe where one experiences omnipotence easy, guaranteed, free and non adversarial relationship is clear that no person with a “real” relationship can bear comparison. In fact, the first side effect of the addiction you will have in the couple“. Probably this is (also) on SL as in many chat I find a lot of suffering behind the smiling little face and bodies like Schwarzie or Barbie or that regularly pour in front of my avatar?

Roberta GreenfieldDipped in these thoughts I was, fighting a bit with a journalist on other blogs such as that of Roberta Greenfield so as not to deny my hard-earned reputation as a nuisance in RL when a dear friend of mine (although virtual) has reached me by e-mail announcing that her RL has gone to pieces. After a period of increased tension she will separate from her husband, must leave the house where she lived so far, will have to take piece together from scratch and rebuild her life. RL is also this, that’s why we like SL and it seems so promising? I hope not only for this, I like a thousand other reasons, but I can not rule out the possibility.

In the meantime I just have to send a very strong but virtual hug to my friend (to the first one who dares to say “poor her” I will crack his/her face, be careful) and an affectionate kiss and delicate, lighter than the beating of wings of a butterfly, to all those sufferers in RL. And I hope that at least in SL you can find a moment of peace before to rise again, straighten your back and walk again in RL. Never surrender my friend. Isa: be strong and a big kiss. And a kiss to all my friends.

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