Bettina Tizzy interview

Bettina Tizzy interview

We took advantage of this summer 2008 that gradually empties the Italian community of Second Life to resume our journey in search of land in the metaverse meetings interesting and able to enrich.

Bettina TizzyWe took advantage of this summer 2008 that gradually empties the Italian community of Second Life (no one knows where they go, because in times of crisis, RL Italian cities are all but empty) to resume our journey in search of land in the metaverse meetings interesting and able to enrich. One, favored by a common passion for photographic evidence on of situations “impossible in RL“, was that with Bettina Tizzy, founder of the working group “NotPossible in RL” July 4, 2007 and curator of a series of thematic groups on Flickr dedicated to it. Due also to some recent mishaps occurred at Zero Point, we could not resist the temptation to ask her an opinion about the best “impossible” achievements in the metaverse of Linden Lab. Here are her interesting answers.

Lukemary Slade: Hi Bettina, can you explain to our reader what is NPIRL?

Bettina Tyzzy: Not Possible in Real Life is three things: 1) A movement to identify, showcase and promote quality content in virtual worlds that is Not Possible in Real Life (NPIRL); 2) my blog; 3) an in-world working group representing some of the top content creators, adventurers and journalists in Second Life who embrace this concept. Unfortunately, because this is a working group, the number of members has been limited (NPIRL’s membership is closed at 160 members), so a new group was born: Impossible In RL (which has over 600 members yet).
LS: How can one join Impossible IRL?
Bettina Tizzy Chakrin ForestBT: The in-world group “Impossible IRL” is free and open registration to all. Run a search for it and add yourself! You will hear about most new and cool things before they get blogged, and the blog only represents a fraction of all of the information that is shared with members of Impossible IRL. Many of the most accomplished and interesting content creators in Second Life are members. Impossible IRL members are also contributing to the wealth of information that is shared with the group.
LS: Who do you think are some of the best builders/artists who created wonderful lands “not possible in RL“?
BT: Ah… I get asked this question all the time! The ONLY way to get my answer to this is to read my blog where only the best content creation and creators are featured (advice that we suggest to follow, since Bettina’s blog is really interesting, LmS).
LS: Many in Italy are saying “who cares of SL, what can I do there that I can’t do everywhere in the web or in RL?” I think you can reply, so… in SL can you do something you can’t in RL or not?
Chakryn ForestBTSecond Life provides the best and cheapest (FREE) tools to be creative. It’s also a social environment. Thanks to Second Life, I am working now with leaders from all over the world in the fields of cinema, theatre, plastic arts, education, and of course, technology. I am so impressed with the calibre of the people I am meeting! Postdoctoral scientists, journalists from the New York Times and Architectural Digest (the Italian edition!), and many, many artists who are acclaimed in Real Life as well as Second Life, to give you some examples. Also, I learn something new every day. My mind is bursting with ideas. I never watch television anymore!!
LS: Wonderful, thanks a lot Bettina!
BT: You’re welcome, I hope that helps! And thank you so much for the opportunity to speak to your readers. I am very honored and grateful

Bettina is our honor and gratitude and now a small addition that I can do: Bettina is one of theresidents of SL whom in a few time (she was “born” in February 2007) has reached some of the major and perhaps best results; if you go on her album on (presenting images from SL next to RL photos) you’ll see many testimonials, a sign of interpersonal skills and a passionuncommon. Her blog is always full of new ideas and interesting speeches and she’s talking about her “home” in SL (here) gives us a good answer to the question “why to love SL?” and why we (meand you) are still here, despite all the cynicism in recent months. Cynics, you have to make of reason, despite the myriad of problems SL can still be a magical place.

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