Customize an AO

Customize an AO

What is an AO (Animation Overrider), of which many of you may have heard from the older Second Life users? Is a tool (hud) that allows you to create a list of animations (that you need to let your avatar walking, running, sitting, flying and so on) that can be used instead of those automatically provided by default when you log in Second Life.

Zhao’s animation override

There are both free AOs (like the famous ones of Zhao) and pay ones, from tens to many hundreds linden dollars, each with different features and animations.

If you do not want to buy one already made, or if after having purchased one or more you realize that nothing will fully satisfy, you just need to create one yourself. How?

Start from a black Zhao to create one

Start by arrange a blank animation override, just like a Zhao, which has the advantage of being easily free in various versions that you can find in Second Life; then choose your favorite animations for the standing posture, both for walking, jumping, flying and so on (in this case you can find free or choose to pay as you like, with so much to choose).

Animation Override

Try the animation override in a sandbox

At this point, go in one area (such as a sandbox) where you can lay on the ground objects and see the hud (just drag it from inventory on the ground). Right click on the object and choose Open from the pie menu: a window showing the contents of the object in the “content“. Drag in from your inventory all the animations you want to insert.

In the window where you entered the animations there should be a notecard, drag it into your inventory, then insert the proper names (note capital letters and special characters) of the different animations that you want to play with the AO, in the order in which you want to execute them, in the white lines under the name of the corresponding actions (which are written in the initial blank notecard, ending with “::”).

Load and start your AO

Then save the notecard, copy it from your inventory again in the content of AO, recover (“take”) the AO from the ground, wear it (“wear”) and you’ll see on the screen on the control keys, press “load” to load the notecard (if you have saved more than a select where you wish to upload), then start the AO with the button below (“On” in green in the basic version of Zaho, though now there are customized in the colors of the buttons).

Now if you have not made mistake and of course if the land where you are allows you to turn on animations, you should see your avatar assuming movements that you have chosen (keeping in mind that you can not put more than five moves for each action like run, sit, stand, fly and so on).

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