Accor brings virtual butler in SL

Accor brings virtual butler in SL

Accor Services joins Second Life and offers lindens to all, at the same time collecting opinions on the habits of the residents of the “new world” of Linden Lab presenting its brand and its services. It happened Thursday, thanks to a party organized at Wi Pie by the staff of the red ball company which was attended by your reporter. Accor has presented in SL, of course, not the famous ticket restaurant but a new service: the virtual butler, tested for the first time in SL after having enjoyed increasing success in RL.

Accor ServicesThis is, has explained Sor McMillan, great chief of marketing for Accor Service present with his avatar to the party, an innovative service offered by employing workers and not automatic, that here in SL provides information about the world of Second Life and give answers to inquiries from the most beautiful places at parties on how to open an opportunity to develop their own avatar and so on. The “first true personal human assistant in SL“, as pointed out by Sor McMillan.

For now, the test was done only during the event, up to 22.00 Italian time of Thursday, September 13, but if successful there will be a PO card, giving operators almost any information about RL, arriving to help people in some cases like when you lose your luggage and they will send the documents and informations to make the complaint. In some RL companies, butler brings you the clothes in the laundry, the washing machine and so on, makes you commissions. In Italy for now only TNT and Price Waterhouse Cooper offer this service.

The only concern is that even in the case of Accor, as of others before it, after the event that should, however, be followed by similar initiatives in the near future (they are talking about a couple of months) in relation to the events provided in RL, the location of Accor will have more or less to lose population, except for a few visitors looking for informations or locations for camping (there are, you just know how to find).

There will remain obviously pr and music, “but it costs too much to organize events all the time” explained Sor McMillan, adding “we will do occasional events, based on RL events“. On the other hand the results of the survey made during the party will come out in 15 days on the site of Accor Services, then maybe we will know whether the company will attempt the experiment and if it strengthens its presence in Second Life or not (years after Accor seems, like many other companies, not to have done any more experiments in SL, LMS).

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