In Gor with Hunk Sands

In Gor with Hunk Sands

Holidays are finished for my Master and we are back to explore D/s together, sometimes trying to help friends who desire to know a bit more about. Just yesterday I had a wonderful day with my Master and a friend of him, Hunk Sands, journalist of the famous Italian website, and we talked about being a Master and the finer points of D/s.

Hunk SandsFor those who are not involved, I think it is hard to understand, so we talked and I think Hunk, who is my Master’s friend, understood about D/s, but again unless you RP, you will never really know what is involved and how strong that relationship can become.

So after our chat we went to Gor with Hunk, had a very short tour of Ianda (you know, once was our city and still we love it even if we are no more its citizens) but the lag was so bad that we were unable to move very far. This isn’t unusual for Gor, because of all the prim dresses the FW wear and the buildings.

Even if they look very simple, the amount of prims is unbelievable in the Cities and this cause lag. The most would be in the Scribery or the Admin building: these are places that people use most and of course the Scribery has all the books, note, collaring, citizenship and FC notes in it so of course this would be the one that would use most prims.

More over it is usually highly decorated like the Admin buildings that usually is where the trails, marriages, punishment etc are used for, so again it has to look the part with its gold decoration and many different levels.

The Abby is also a beautiful building with its velvets, gold and long aisle, the mosaics which some have are wonderful. So, at the end, we return only after a short time a little disappointing that we could not show Hunk all this lovely city, but there will be time, I think, in the next future, if Hunk really would like to know how to became a Master and what does it means in Gor and outside Gor.

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