My name is Zeta Bellow

My name is Zeta Bellow

My name is Zeta Bellow and for those who do not know me I will give a little information. I have been in Second Life from 10/03/2005. I have one real life sister and two SL sisters in Second Life (in virtual worlds you can choose who you prefer as parent/brother/sister etc, ed). I started off working my way around Second life exploring and there is plenty to explore, plenty to see, people of all countries to talk to and all walks of life.

Zeta Bellow and Gor

I decided that I would like to go to Gor, since I had read the books (the cycle of the “Chronacles of Gor” written by John Normann) and had always enjoyed them, thought this would be the way I would like to live in Second Life.

I would visit different Sims, and talk with people, but found it was not quite the same as the books a little disappointing really. I made friends  and was introduced to dancing not in the dance clubs but in other type of clubs, I  danced there working only for tips, then I heard of other places more libertines, so I worked as a virtual entertainer.

Ok, I can hear you whispering “so in SL…” well yes and believe me, there was plenty of work for anyone that could do it. I decided I would like to own land so I worked several places over the week and soon got a small plot of land (at that time they had what they called “first land cheap” for anyone that wanted land).

Zeta Bellow 2014

An intense virtual activity

I then, along with virtualescorting, bought and sold land, made quite a few lindens, then I bought my dream island in Diamond, where I live still, along with my sister who has another island close by.

I then met a “Master” who was charming he asked me to marry him, which I did, and was together for about 7 months; can not say they were the most pleasant months I have ever had, he was into control but not as a Master should, he wanted to control my life in SL and my real life…

He used the “roller coaster” effect… for anyone that has never had this used on them it is quite a nasty way to be controlled: he would buy gifts and then he would see I was happy with his gift he would start and argument, but he made me feel like it was my fault.

In my head I knew it was not me but him, but it was a sort of brain washing, soon he had control and then he really went to work. When I was happy he made me guilty, but never that I can remember did he ever make me feel good after we married.

Be aware of possible predator

After 7 months my sister and my other two SL sisters tried to tell me things about him, but being so brain washed I did not believe them, so they, being my sisters, managed (I still don’t know how) to tape a conversation between my virtual husband and another woman where he was planning on getting rid of me and start on her (and seems this is what he did, I learned later).

I was devastated  and tried to warn her but she was not available, she was hooked. Later I learned she had got rid of him after she found out he was up to his old tricks. I did report him as a predator and I believe is now banned from SL. But this was only the beginning, the rest will follow tomorrow. See you, and thanks to Lukemary Slade for the Italian translation.

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