Vittoria Assicurazioni on SL

Vittoria Assicurazioni on SL

More and more companies seem to focus on RL Italian Second Life: the confirmation came in a press release dated July 17, 2007 in which Vittoria Assicurazioni officially announced the opening of an office in Turin, reconstructed under the project of Italia Vera, of wich has already had to mention and that is part of the Gruppo Gnosys Srl of Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia (husband of Adriana Acutis Biscaretti di Ruffia, director of Vittoria Assicurazioni, ndr). The office, located in the digital reproduction of Piazza San Carlo, will be a window into the virtual world for initiatives promoted by the Tourin insurance company, said the note.

Vittoria Assicurazioni will debut in SL from september

Vittoria AssicurazioniFrom September will then be launched several operations in SL. The debut, scheduled for Thursday, July 19, meanwhile, will be dedicated to a charity initiative sponsored by the Foundation Forma and sponsored by Vittoria Assicurazioni to entrust to Paint a Smile Foundation of Geneva, specialized in this kind of intervention, the decoration of the radiology department of the Ospedale Infantile Regina Margherita in Turin.

The Ospedale Infantile Regina Margherita, recalls the note of Vittoria Assicurazioni, is the regional and national reference center for complex diseases, rare and chronic diseases of childhood. Welcomes children aged between 0 and 14 years, with an extension up to 18 years to ensure continuity of care. One of the first areas in which intervention is necessary, even under the high daily turnover, is the radiology department and throughout the waiting area in front.

A charitable project sponsored by Vittoria Assicurazioni

The biggest benefit of the project is therapeutic: the problems that bring patients in the radiology department can be a source of terrible loneliness, fear, despair. To whom has forgotten how to smile, Paint a Smile‘s paints will give a smile. These interventions have all the importance and beauty of human touch, will give the department a calm atmosphere to help young patients and their families during the transition in those places.

Vittoria Assicurazioni, the statement concludes, will exhibit in its “virtual” office the guidelines of the project with the hope that the initiative can be taken up by new sponsors, to extend assistance to other departments of the same hospital, concludes the note.

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