Gold rush in Second Life

Gold rush in Second Life

Second Life, virtual gold rush started

Second Life Map 2003The “gold rush” in Second Life has begun. A gain so far  a really few achieved, at least in terms of RL, besides the same Linden Lab, the Californian company run by Philip Rosedale who created and developed the virtual world, and the greatly cited Anshe Chung Studios Ltd, of Ailin Graef, better known under the name of her avie, Anshe Chung, the capital of which in January 2007 came with a 10% share of the German Samwer Brothers (already known for having launched the online auction site and for having founded Jamba! then sold to Verisign for $ 270 million).

But the dream seems within reach there with the big question “where can I find a job?” second in the statistics only to the “want to do sex?” to indicate that, even if born as game, SL seems able to fascinate so much that many hope will become if not our lives at least a way to make it financially more attractive.

Second Life: 70,000 Italians residents

Leading the race in this new Eldorado, at least for the Italian community, with its 60-70 thousand “residents” really active is now the second community in the euro zone after Germany, the fourth in the world even after the United States and Great Britain, are currently small and medium size involved in the creation of “islands” (Sim, simulation module) that reproduce by fantasy environments such as Legenda (sold a few days ago for 9,600 euro) to actual digitized reproductions of Italian cities and regions.

In the background are publishing giants such as Il Giornale and La Repubblica, perhaps hoping to replicate the “boom” is also the first stock market bubble of the new economy experienced in the late nineties, but that still does not appear able to provide what residents SL looking for. An online community offering news, not so much as a series of guides that thanks to their experience and their own subjective tastes can help reap the full and most enjoyable experience tied to the “second life“.

The challenge for now is limited to a few names: the Roman Bruno Cerboni, with his Italian Virtual Parks owns 14 islands (including the well known Parioli) the Turin Domenico Pellegrino, that with Pesca Virtual Reality, a division ofSispac Srl, is founder and owner of islands like Pantalica and Cinque Terre. Or Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia (aka Basil Coage) also from Turin, founder and president of Gnosys Group (a company that deals with security), whom with the project Italia Vera already has 11 islands dedicated to different cities (currently closed to the public, the first, Torino, should open by July 19) and has just bought, in fact, Legenda.

This is an open challenge in which misunderstandings and lack of real low blows. Of you or of the other, judger you friends, even we of were objects, having received a few hours ago this remarkable letter:

Your website, is in violation of copyright and IP rights on the  website I would like to ask you to close down your site “second life news network”. The alternative is the both of us spending time and effort, and the result will be the same. You are not allowed to create a similar brand name simply because the language in which the product is delivered is different. Let me know what you are going to do about this.

Thank you,

Jules Vos / Doeko

For those who don’t know Jules Vos, aka Doeke Cassidy, is a Dutch content developer creator of, information website (with relevant “virtual” edition in SL) that aims to “serving people unbiased information about relevant topics and Object on a daily basis“.

Great respect and objectively very good project, I wish him every luck, then pretend that, having no right, to appropriate terms of daily use such as “news” and “network” (which if I don’t fail should have been used by a small RL corporation, the CNN or Cable News Network, whatever you want… our friend Doeke has threatened  peremptorily, too? Or maybe he fears the opposite may occur?) thus providing very little objective information on a topic relevant at least for us

(NB after a few years from this article, few traces remain on the web of, while we of / are still here. Maybe we had some reasons to ignore the pretext provocation…)

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