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virtual reality flop cover

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According to Gabe Newell (Steam), only 30 apps in 2016 sold over 250 thousand dollars, despite some success as Job Simulator
when virtual reality will be popular cover

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When will virtual reality be a popular technology? Mark Zuckerberg seems to have a pretty specific idea about it.



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Voice morphing for Linden Lab

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The introduction of audio and video tools in recent years has represented a means of improving the experience of many online chatting or messaging services, from the traditional chat rooms up to VoIP systems like Skype (which waiting to land, before or then, on Wall Street has...
Samsung Gear VR

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Samsung  had an excellent idea to launch the Samsung Pay app since it simplifies the process of payment and it makes it surer, avoiding...
International Space Station cover

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The latetest 4K video produced by Harmonic for Nasa Tv Uhd let you come aboard the International Space Station. What a show!