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realdoll stories cover

The success of dolls as RealDoll grows and are not only used for recreational activities for adults: some men and women choose them as life partners.
Pimax 8K VR cover

Pimax 8K and 5K Plus are coming to markets. Performance at the top of the range but not exactly cheap prices for Chinese VR viewers. Here are the technical specifications.

Virtual Worlds

OSgrid 2011 cover

Miguel Rotunno (whom readers of Mondivirtuali also known as RocapC) in addition to own Miramar Studio & Modeling Agency in Second Life has always been a fan of virtual...
High Fidelity hires cover

Even High Fidelity is hiring new experts in animation and human virtual interaction. But still the virtual world preferred by people is Minecraft, with its cubes...
Pimax 8K VR cover

Pimax 8K VR headest, for which Little Pine Technology (Pimax) raised 4.25 million dollars on Kickstarter, won't be shipped to “backers” at the end of January