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The owner of a Rolls Royce Ghost 2010, is going to sell the car asking about 117 thousand pounds, but he wants only Bitcoins. Would you buy?

Matt McMullen, founder of Abyss Creation (producer of RealDoll adult toys) launch RealBotix, robots with artificial intelligence.

Virtual Worlds

Imvu chatroom

If you are among those who think Second Life is too complex for them, a comparison with other MMORPGs, virtual worlds and 3D chats, will clarify the ideas. Recently a friend suggested me to sign up and try...
Sansar cover

Sansar is opening these days its beta creators, as expected. But there won't be any boom, at least for now, due to minimal both technical both economic requirements.
High Fidelity cover

Philip Rosedale has not lost the his magic touch, at least with regard to the ability to attract funding. As was also highlighted by Techcrunch the...