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Super Nintendo World: the opening is postponed, but work continues

If in Orlando Disney World has reopened since 11 July after 4 months of closure, although Florida is registering new records of COVID-19 positives these days, Universal Studios Japan, the

Pokemon Go, four years old but it doesn’t seem

Time runs away, the ancients said, and it is certainly true in the case of Pokemon Go. Launched in Summer 2016, the game, developed for Nintendo by Californian Niantic (born

SinVR, a virtual “eroge” world for sinners

The most famous and appreciated VR-eroge game probably remains VR Kanajo, the “virtual girlfriend” (Sakura Yuhi) by Illusion launched in February 2017 (in April 2018 also on Steam) and since

VirtuaActions launches a VR shooter that will make you feel

Last February the Russian developer VirtuaActions has launched a new virtual reality shooter for VR club, Cyberaction Arena (this is their site but you can follow them also on

Minecraft mods: Terra 1 to 1 to recreate the whole

Using the Minecraft Forge mods Cubic Chunks and Terra 1 to 1 it is now possible to recreate the entire planet Earth. The whole world community of the virtual world conceived

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