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Half Life 2 VR cover

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On Stream a modders group announced: “soon” it will be possible to play Half-Life 2 eand its two expansions even in VR, without additional costs.
Improbable SoftBank cover

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SoftBank is betting on virtual reality, leading a 502 million dollars funding round in the London-based startup Improbable Worlds.

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Improbable cover

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Improbable is a UK startup which raised 20 million dollars to develop an operating environment which can allow to develop virtual worlds on large scale.
Optimus 3D Lg Electronics

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When reality exceeds imagination: is yesterday's news that LG Electronics has presented at the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona the first smartphone fully 3D (3D...
Blue Mars

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The "residents" of Second Life are often so annoyed by the limits and flaws of the virtual world of Linden Lab that can not resist the idea of...