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At Cinecittà World season 2017 opens with 3 new virtual reality attractions: a labyrinth haunted by skeletons, the war of worlds in VR and a virtual cruise really moved.
Atari Box cover

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Atari, the most famous video games brand of Seventies and Eighties, just announced of wanting to come back to produce a console.

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Even GoPro will enter in the virtual reality sector: the Ceo fo californian famous “wearable” wich in June 2014 debuted at Wall Street (at...

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While Codebastard Redgrave has already created a memorial dedicated to the tens of Lindens fired a few days ago in a corner of her island Rouge,...
SL Globe theatre

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While SL8B close down, some users will realize with regret the disappearance of the most famous sims of Second Life grid, which at the end of 2009 had exceeded 24 thousand private regions, a...