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Unity presented Project Mars at Unite Berlin: with it wil become easier to create AR apps interacting with the real world. News to come for the motion capture...
Fnaf news Cawthon 2018 cover

A new book recently published, an upcoming video game and a new team for the long-awaited film about Five Nights at Freddy’s (Fnaf). These are Scott Cawthon's news in 2018.

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Robotics has already served footsteps as giants, but before robots can be part of our everyday life we will have to overcome 10 main challanges

Minecraft, developed since 2009 by Mojang (now part of Microsoft group), at the end of December 2017 exceeded 144 million copies sold, with 74 million active users.
Bendy and the Ink Machine cover

Bendy and the Ink Machine, the famous survival horror game by TheMeatly Games, will see soon a fourth chapter. The first three chapters, downloadable from Steam, will be enhanced