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World of details cover

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Melusina Parkin get back to show her virtual photos in Second Life, at Time Portal, with the exhibition A World of Details which I suggest you to go and see.
Haptic VR cover

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To look, to hear, but even to touch: to capture players' imagination the new virtual reality games have to become increasingly more haptic too.



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Varoufakis Cover

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His name was so far unknown to most, but since as new greek Finance Minister he will have to find a way to reschedule and...
Valve HTC Vive cover

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Virtual reality: many now know what it is, few have tried it for now, but 2016 could be a good year to spread this...
Mondivirtuali iPad2 cover

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We receive from our friend Kerubina McMillan (and gladly publish) a piece on the latest innovations in terms of mobile web, it seems that...